Kids these days spend much more time on screens than ever before, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Today, there are plenty of apps on the market that are both educational and fun—for both you and your little ones. We've shortlisted five such apps for your family's shared enjoyment.

1. Math: Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster teaches kids the fundamentals of math (addition and multiplication, specifically) in a fun and highly engaging setting. After all, who doesn't love sushi?

Players must strategically pick numbers off a sushi counter in order to feed a monster, earning points with each correct answer to eventually unlock new levels.

Download the app here.

2. Science: Science360

Help your kid develop a love of science at an early age, with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Science 360 app. It boasts plenty of fun and engaging streaming videos, and there’s even a news feed featuring breaking news from NSF-funded institutions.

Download the app here.

3. Anatomy: The Human Body

From swooshing, pulsing hearts to gassy squeaks from the digestive tract, The Human Body app shows kids how the human body works, in a fun and compelling manner.

The app helps kids learn new vocabulary, explore detailed, interactive models of the heart, brain, eyes and stomach, and learn how the skeletal, muscular, immune, respiratory systems function. 

Download the app here

4. Languages: Duolingo

Learning multiple languages is becoming a must these days, and this highly addictive app, Duolingo, makes it incredibly easy to do so.

Each bite-sized lesson is presented as a game, with reading, listening and speaking exercises, in-lesson grading, hearts to keep yourself ‘alive’, and a streak count to show how many days in a row you’ve been learning. 

Download the app here

5. Coding: Daisy The Dinosaur

Learning to code is a fundamental skill in today’s digital environment, and Daisy The Dinosaur is the perfect introduction to coding for kids.

Using the app's bright, cheerful, drag and drop interface, kids will intuitively learn the basics of objects, sequencing, loops, and events as they work out how to animate Daisy and make her dance on screen.

Download the app here.

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