Cover Tatler insiders spill the tea on all things related to raising kids. From the best toy store to college advisors (Photo: Amanda Kho for Tatler Hong Kong)

Tatler insiders share their tips for finding the best education, supplies and shops for children in Hong Kong

Making the right choices for your child can be a minefield. Savvy parents Joanna Hotung, Michele Lau, Tansy Lau-Tom and Anne Wang-Liu share the businesses they turn to for their families.

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School Supplies Shop

Po Man Stationery

I have been buying school supplies and stationery from Po Man Stationery since I was a kid. It’s not a fancy place but it has everything I need. From basic folders to artist-quality markers, it’s a precious neighbourhood store that provides a one-stop shop for everything needed for the school year or for not getting bored when quarantining at home. The owner and the staff have been working there for years so they know almost everyone who walks in.

Tansy Lau-Tom, co-founder of environmental group EcoDrive

Po Man Stationery, 57 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley

Toy Shops

Petit Bazaar

When I need a beautiful gift for a child, my first instinct is to look in Petit Bazaar. It has a wide selection of unique and well-designed items that cater to all aspects of family life—from toys to room decor to kitchenware.

Its website is easy to navigate and serves not only as an online shop, but also has useful articles on topics such as the latest kids’ gadgets, home decor and back-to-school tips.

Anne Wang-Liu, former banker and member of the board of governors for Hong Kong Ballet

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Toys Club

I have been buying toys from Toys Club for 16 years; it has a wide selection from all over the world. It has educational toys, board games, books, Lego, more mainstream toys such as Disney electronic toys, and more old-school ones like wooden blocks.

What I like most is its selection of arts and crafts and science experiments kits that kids can learn from and have fun with at the same time.

—Tansy Lau-Tom

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College Advisors

The Edge Lew

My daughter Sophia had been in the UK education system but wanted to go to the US for college. The Edge Learning Center helped prepare her for the SATs and they were particularly useful for exam techniques.

Joanna Hotung, founder of the KG Group and chairperson emeritus of Youth Diabetes Action

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Arch Education

My daughters have been taking classes at Arch Education for a number of years. I find it provides the best support for out of school learning and has helped my children with the study skills they need to excel in school and beyond. Arch’s counsellors provide guidance to students preparing for UK or US boarding schools and universities.

Their preparation courses for college entrance exams are also useful. I appreciate how Arch goes beyond pure academics by helping students find their extra-curricular passions, preparing them for essay writing and building their confidence for interviews by highlighting their own strengths and interests.

—Anne Wang-Liu

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Private Tutors

Kathryn Tse-Durham

With the guidance and hard work of Kathryn Tse-Durham’s speech and writing coaching, my son has transformed from a kid who struggled and fell behind his class to now being an honour with distinction student and an outstanding writer.

Her passion, care and encouragement for my son are so genuine that even though we no longer need her support (another achievement), my son still reaches out to Kathryn for advice.

—Michele Lau, senior product creation director, global apparel at Nike

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Mast Education

Daniel Oliver, who teaches advanced placement comparative government and politics at Mast Education is patient and really good at helping his students understand and remember complex and abstract concepts in a very engaging way. We find the quality of tutors at Mast Education to be truly world-class.

—Michele Lau

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My Hong Kong

“There are many places that I visited as a child that haven’t changed at all, where I now take my own children. I think of Ocean Park, the beaches and the as-yet undeveloped outlying islands. It’s amazing to see my daughter enjoy the same places in much the same way as I remember enjoying them. What I love about this city is the extreme contrasts you experience in a day. The heat and humidity versus air-con everywhere; great street food versus fine dining; concrete jungles versus quiet island beaches, and, best of all, people talking loudly—not in anger but as a sign of happiness.”

Joanna Lui Hickox, head of lifestyle and curation at Galaxy Entertainment Group

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