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Queen Elizabeth II has lived long enough to be the first British royalty to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. Adored by her loyal subjects, the Queen has had a memorable reign; below are some unforgettable events

1. Her Coronation in 1953

When someone from the British monarchy is crowned, the whole world watches and celebrates. In Queen Elizabeth II's case, there were at least 10.4 million watchers across the nation and 8, 251 who personally attended the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. 

During her investiture, the Queen wore a custom-made Colombium Sindonis (a white sleeveless linen shift), and a robe of gold called Dalmatic or Supertunica.

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2. First Walkabout in 1970

During her royal tour in Australia and New Zealand, Her Majesty had initiated a gesture that nobody from the Royal Family was allowed to do before: greet their well-wishers up close. In an HBO documentary titled Queen of The World, Princess Anne revealed that it was Queen Elizabeth II who "decided to shake things up."

"We never shook hands. The theory was, you couldn't shake hands with everybody, so don't start," Princess Anne said. "In the 1970s, the Queen decided to shake things up. She wanted to say hello to the crowds—and the walkabout was born." 

3. Prince Charles' Wedding to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981

It was also in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II when the world watched one of the most famous weddings of all time. On July 29, 1981, Prince Charles wedded Lady Diana Spencer, and this event made a high point in the popularity of the British monarch. 

It was witnessed by a global television audience of 750 million in more than 70 countries. 

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4. Royal Family's Appearance in BBC and ITV

The audiences were given an unprecedented view of the Royal Family's private life when their documentary first aired via BBC and ITV on June 21, 1969. It was seen by an estimated audience of 350 million around the world.

In the documentary, camera crews accompanied Her Majesty on her tours in Chile and Brazil, and Prince Charles to Malta and Cambridge. The team also shot more than 40 hours of film in Sandringham, Balmoral, Buckingham Palace, Windsor, and Holyrood, as well as on the Royal Yacht, the Royal Train, and aircraft of the Queen's Flight. 

5. Aberfan Mining Disaster

One of the most disastrous events during Queen Elizabeth's reign was the 1966 Aberfan Mining Disaster. In this tragic event, the colliery spoil tip (a pile built of accumulated spoil from waste material removed during mining) located above the village horrendously slid downhill burying 144 people, 116 of whom were children.

Despite the calamity's magnitude, reports said that Her Majesty refused to visit the village which spurred criticisms from the press and her supporters. 

Finally, after eight days, the Queen visited the village to survey the damage and speak with the survivors and the bereaved families. 


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