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Teachers At Home can help families and children face the hurdles of online school.

Children and families are under plenty of stress during the pandemic. As COVID-19 remains a disruptive force in the field of education, countless parents are scrambling to find ways to help their children adapt to a strange new normal. One of the best tools they have in their artillery? A new service brought about by IKON Solutions Asia Inc. 

Teachers At Home is a new programme that brings the time-old practice of hiring private tutors more readily available. This kind of live-in setup is widely practised in Western nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Now, it's gaining traction in the Philippines. 

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Under this service, dedicated teachers are sent to clients' homes via a live-in arrangement to help minimise health and safety risks. Not only that, but this allows teachers to bond with their students and help them in more holistic ways. 

IKON Solutions Asia Inc., will source and screen the best candidate for each family. Teachers are all experienced professionals with traditional and progressive teaching backgrounds. They come from local and international private schools in the Philippines and abroad and can offer expert guidance in handling pre-school and grade school level children. Parents are encouraged to talk with and interview the teacher before making a decision; meanwhile, IKON will conduct background checks and help with implementation of safety protocols during the onboarding process. 

All teachers will follow the child's school curriculum. "We do not develop our own curriculum but instead, the private teachers will follow the curriculum of the school," says Paolo Martel, one of the partners at IKON Solutions Asia Inc. "The focus of the teacher is to guide the child during the online classes and create a school-like structure within the home. Some parents may also request the teacher to come up with extra-curricular activities for the child i.e. storytelling sessions, arts and crafts, music, and the like." 

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Having a dedicated educator living under your roof will not only help your child learn more but can also help ease the worry of parents who might not be as experienced in tutoring or teaching—a win-win for all members of the family!

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