Cover Read on for advice on how to stay sustainable and eco-friendly during quarantine. (Photo: Courtesy of Pexels)

With the coronavirus pandemic increasing our consumption of plastic and disposable goods, we're offering some help on staying sustainable and environmentally friendly during quarantine

As the pandemic has put the world on hold, many of us are turning to disposable masks and gloves to avoid the risk of being infected, along with ordering take-out from restaurants to enjoy safely in the comfort of our own homes.

With a rise in the consumption of plastic and disposable goods, it’s important to remember that Covid-19 is a temporary state, and sooner or later, we will need to address the effects of non-biodegradable waste populating our oceans and landfills. Not sure where to start? Read on for our guide on how to stay sustainable and eco-friendly––even during quarantine.

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Use Your Own Utensils

We get it. You can’t always cook at home and sometimes you just want to order from your favourite restaurant. So, when you get takeaway or delivery, be sure to use your own dining wear and opt for no-cutlery and no-napkins––that way you’re at least making a small change to reduce plastic consumption and disposable waste.

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Invest in a Re-usable Mask

An obvious choice that should be a no-brainer. Invest in a re-usable mask which you can use multiple times before disposal or buy one that only requires you to change the filter every few days. There are plenty of designer masks and eco-friendly masks to choose from, including wild patterns and monogram logos.

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Invest in Re-usable Goods

Even after quarantine is over, something that can be applied to your day-to-day life is investing in re-usable goods. If you’re a coffee lover, invest in a re-usable coffee cup, if you’re a beauty lover, invest in re-usable cotton pads and if you enjoy drinking your cold beverages from a straw, invest in a metal straw. With the global trend moving towards consuming less and preserving goods already available, there’s no doubt you won't be able to find a sustainable option at your local eco-friendly store.

Invest in Biodegradable Goods

As more people are staying indoors due to social distancing rule, we’re also consuming more goods at home. Opt for goods that are biodegradable like biodegradable rubbish bags, biodegradable toothbrushes, and even biodegradable diapers.


Opt for No-plastic options

When it comes to buying your groceries, always make sure to bring your own tote bags along to avoid using plastic-bags at the supermarket. Especially when it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, we often forget to bring smaller reusable bags to gather produce and end up using the thin disposable plastic bags available in-store.

Turn to Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Shops

Manila is on the rise with sustainable and eco-friendly shops. Head over to your local zero-waste store for all your shopping needs––not only will it reduce your plastic consumption but you're sure to discover the latest products in sustainable living.


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