With the Philippines in a state of calamity and under extreme quarantine, businesses have come to a halt, either stopping altogether or enacting a work-from-home plan.

Not being able to leave the house can definitely make us go stir-crazy, but there are some useful tips that will help increase productivity and make working from home less unproductive. 

Now that many of us have no choice but to work-from-home, let us make the most of it.



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Dress up

Dress up, do your hair, put on makeup and sort yourself out as if you are going to the office — whatever you'd normally do. This will help to put you in a professional mindset and makes you less lazy. Being in pajamas all day is not going to help you get things done.

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Make the bed

If possible, do not work in the same room as your bed as this will make you feel far too relaxed. If you have to work in the same space as your delicious bed, then tidy up and do not leave it disheveled. Most importantly, try your very best to not work from under the covers!

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Maintain a routine

Set a plan for yourself. Write down all the tasks you have to get done, jot down deadlines and set a time for a workout, for example. Don’t let the day just play out, act as if you have a schedule. In your routine, should be a chosen spot from where you will work. With a designated space, your desk, coffee table, kitchen table, dining room, you can train your brain to be in work mode by setting up shop there every day. 



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Being at stuck at home means we cannot walk around as much as we used to. To kind your brain awake, your body energised, take short breaks to walk around your apartment or house. Do some simple stretches from your desk, or some easy, quick yoga routines so that you do not get too stiff. There are plenty of online work-outs you can do to get your heart raised and blood-flow increased. Staying totally sedentary is not healthy!

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Talk to your team

Maintain contact. Do not lose touch. Call your peers, check in with colleagues and align your goals and deliverables. Make sure you are reachable and in contact so that everyone is on the same page. Schedule regular check-ins so that colleagues feel like they are part of a team, that you are in this together and that their deliverables are real. 


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Pretend you are at the office

Do not pop on a film, blast music, chat with friends on FaceTime or kick your feet up, acting as if you are lounging around your house. Pretend you are not at home to help you simulate a work environment to help you work smartly and efficiently. 

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