Tatler's new education supplement features the top international schools in Malaysia and more

A well-rounded education recognises the importance of academic success, helps pupils develop a wider understanding of themselves and others, and prepare them for the working world. Choosing the right school is therefore important, and so Tatler Malaysia has put together a guide to the best international schools around the country which offers world-class facilities and resources while providing a modern and holistic approach to education.

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With the spate of news on students committing suicide and bullying in schools, the safety and wellbeing of our children are prioritised more than ever. We talk to experts on how to effectively put a stop to this behaviour as well as the issues of mental health during the formative years to glean some insights and preventive measures we can take to keep our children safe, nurtured and validated.

We also discuss the merits of inclusive education and making education accessible and equal to all children of different abilities. And with the pandemic impacting in-person learning in schools by turning it virtual, many students (and parents) are wondering if they should take a gap year? A Malaysian sophomore studying in Cambridge shares her gap year experience with us, which could help you decide on the right course to take.

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It is undeniable that Malaysian parents invest greatly in their children’s education, so together with our partner HSBC Premier, we discuss the importance of giving your child a proper roadmap if they wish to succeed in gaining acceptance into the top universities like Oxford, Cambridge or Ivy League schools, on top of providing some practical advice on sound financial strategies that will reap you benefits in the long run.

Tatler Education will be out together with our June issue. You can also check out our schools guide here.

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