Cover The Adventist Medical Center is located on the 19th floor of Oxford House in Taikoo Place—the clinic offers personalised medical examination packages that are all managed by a general practitioner (Photo: Courtesy of Adventist Hospital)

The Adventist Medical Center—Taikoo Place is a brand new and modern clinic that offers a wide range of health maintenance, medical and surgical services

Maintaining your health has never been more important and that includes conducting regular health check-ups to deal with any potential problems—ideally in a comfortable environment with an empathetic, professional team and with minimal inconvenience. The Adventist Medical Center—Taikoo Place is a new clinic on the 19th floor of Oxford House that opens on July 2. The spacious, 11,300 sq ft centre offers a comprehensive range of services, including health check-ups, consultations with a general doctor or specialist, diagnostic imaging and endoscopic and surgical procedures. There is even a rehabilitation centre for exercise training and physio and occupational therapy.

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Professional medical care 

The team at the Adventist Medical Center is made up of general practitioners and specialists from a variety of fields, including ophthalmology, orthopaedics, cardiology, internal medicine, paediatric and urology. A variety of personalised medical examination packages are available too, which will then come with medical reports and recommendations from qualified physicians, so patients can choose the most effective treatment. And should a patient need to be admitted to a hospital for further treatment, the centre can refer them to the most appropriate institution.

Same-day procedures

The Adventist Medical Center also offers same-day arrangements. The clinic was designed to handle a wide variety of health maintenance and medical needs, whether a health assessment, diagnostic screening or rehabilitation service. Most importantly, the centre has operating rooms that have all the equipment required for colonoscopy, gastroscopy and haemorrhoid procedures, so patients can have minor operations done within the day. After the procedure, patients can rest in one of the private recovery lounges, where they will be cared for by the medical team until it’s safe for them to be discharged.

Community healthcare partner

The centre is committed to being a health resource for the community and to providing services that best suit its patients’ needs. There will be regular free health management consultations and health lectures to promote better understanding of various health issues, available for both patients and community members. Female patients can request a female general practitioner or radiographer for added personal privacy.

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