From ballet to coding and everything in between

Summertime is the best time of the year to learn new skills, so instead of having your child glued to their smartphone for the next two months, why not sign them up for a unique Hong Kong summer programme?

From ballet to blogging, we've handpicked five fun and skill-enhancing summer programmes that you (and the kids) will enjoy:

1. Coding with BSD Academy

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Get your kids interested in technology by introducing them to the world of coding. BSD Academy in Sheung Wan presents a four-day Summer Steam programme where your child can learn the basics of coding, explore robotics, create 3D games or even develop their own apps. They’ll be guided by instructors who have extensive experience in web development, design and youth education.

2. Surfing with Treasure Island Group

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Ready for some sun, surf and sand? The Treasure Island Group (TIG) makes sure your child is well-equipped to handle even the gnarliest of waves. Through its 10-week Surf and Adventure Camp, the TIG team teaches kids their way around a surfboard, while also providing unforgettable hikes on some of Hong Kong’s most scenic trails. The camp is now in its 11th year and welcomes students from all over the world.

3. Taekwondo with Cheung Do Kwan

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Kick your kid’s summer into high gear with Cheung Do Kwan’s Korea Taekwondo Summer Camp. Limited to only 10 students, aged 8 and above, children are immersed in the history of this martial art by going back to where it all began: Korea.

The camp includes a visit to Yong In University, which offers one of the world’s best taekwondo programmes, and children train under some of Korea’s best “taekwondoin” masters. A visit to Kukkiwon, the world headquarters of the sport, is also on the agenda.

4. Blogging with Taskpins

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Besides offering unique Hong Kong summer programmes including breakdancing and clay art, Taskpins also runs blogging courses throughout the year for kids aged eight thru 16.

Over the summer, students can fast track their learning by starting their first blog in just five days (2.5-3 hours per day), learning everything from content planning to generating traffic as well as internet privacy and etiquette. By the end of the course, students will have a fully functional blog, complete with their own domain for an entire year.

5. Ballet with Russian Ballet School

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Under the tutelage of multi-award winning ballerina Leila Alpiyeva, the Russian Ballet School offers an intensive five-day course for children aged 9 to 12, as well as to young adults 17 years and above. The programme employs the Russian Vaganova method, which has been adopted in most professional ballet companies.

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6. Stand-up comedy with OWN Academy

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Above Photo: Courtesy of OWN Academy

Stand-up comedy is all about confidence and being funny, so why not enrol your kids in the ‘Be Your Own Comedian’ workshop at OWN Academy with local comedian Vivek Mahbubani?

Kids will learn how to exercise creative thinking, express themselves in a humorous way, tell funny stories and creative a positive mindset throughout the three-day course. The programme is open to students aged nine through 13.

7. Basketball and more with Hong Kong International School

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Hong Kong International School

Hong Kong International School is once again running its Summer Discovery Programme, open to both HKIS and non-HKIS students. Held at the school’s Tai Tam campus, each programme lasts three weeks.

Courses include Engineer’s Let’s Build, teaching the fundamentals of how things are built; Creative Writing, for budding writers; Hoop Stars, a basketball camp for junior and teen ballers; SAT Prep; and Public Speaking.


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