8 Young Leaders On Staying Motivated

By Chong Seow Wei

From taking long, undisturbed walks to realising the positive impact of their dreams, ambitious young leaders from the creative and business fields tell us what drives them.

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1. Joel Leong, co-founder of ShopBack

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Above  Joel Leong (left) with ShopBack co-founder Henry Chan

“I'll recall this quote by Jack Ma whenever I need motivation: ‘Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. If you give up tomorrow, you will never see the sunshine.’”

2. Paul Gabie, co-founder and CEO of Proof & Company

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“I stay inspired by travelling the world in search of the next perfect cocktail, keeping an open mind and being willing to learn.”

3. Anna Haotanto, CEO of The New Savvy

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“Exercise. It's good for me physically because it keeps me fit and mentally, because the release of endorphins makes me feel happier. In other words, the better I take care of my body, the further I can go.”

4. Henry Golding, actor and travel host

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“I always keep in mind that great achievements are reserved for those who are willing to put the time, effort and hard work in.”

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5. Talenia Phua-Gajardo, founder and CEO of The Artling and Luxglove

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“Getting to know other passionate, determined, humble and driven individuals keeps me motivated to do what I do.”

6. Joseph Yau, managing director of DPR Construction

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“My two kids, Jonah and Jessica, keep me motivated as I watch them discover and embrace their new lives in this world. The world that sometimes blinds us with stresses and problems is also the same world that surrounds my kids with wonderment, joy, and excitement every day. They are unencumbered and nearly everything they do is about learning how to do something better. In many ways, they remind me how best to live life.”

7. Robert Zhao, artist

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“Taking long walks in the forest that has no trails.”

8. Sukki Singapora, burlesque artist

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“I become more driven when I find out that my achievements go on to inspire others into trying something different, following their dreams and achieving success themselves.”

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