Women+ Collective Untam3d Holds Event To Discuss Using Web3 For Good

By Chong Seow Wei

The hybrid event, which takes place on June 23 at 6pm Singapore time, will cover topics such as Web3’s sustainability and whether it can be used to create positive change

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On June 23 at 6pm Singapore time, women+ community Untam3d is hosting a hybrid event to discuss various topics about whether Web3 can be harnessed for good. 

The event, titled Can Web3 Help Humanity And The Planet?, will feature a keynote by 2020 Gen.T honouree Stephanie Dickson, a co-founder of Untam3d and lifestyle media platform Green Is The New Black, on the sustainability of Web3. Following that is a panel discussion on how Web3 can help humanity and the planet, featuring speakers including Carb0n.fi’s Bree Yek, Project Ark’s Annabelle Low, EthicHub’s Jori Armbruster and youth climate advocate Maanasa Gopal.

Untam3d was founded by Dickson and five other women—Grace Clapham, Evelina Lye, Grace Astari, Saranta Gattie and Karen Lam—to provide a safe and inclusive space for people, particularly women and non-binary individuals across Asia, to understand and explore the world of Web3.

“It can be a confusing space and we wanted to break down the barriers while also bringing viability to new and diverse voices around the region into the Web3 space,” says Dickson.

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She adds that Untam3d approaches Web3 from an impact perspective. Its areas of interest include sustainability, social good, ethics, governance, mental health, diversity and inclusion.

“This technology has huge potential to help solve a lot of the world's pressing issues, across society and the environment. So if we can amplify the impact of stories and builders in this space, while encouraging others to have impact at the top of their mind, we can reshape and steer the narrative in and around Web3.”

Earlier this month, Untam3d held a women+ NFT impact exhibition that showcased art pieces inspired by climate change, inclusion, animal protection and more.

To learn more or buy tickets to Untam3d’s hybrid event on June 23, visit the event page.

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