8 Female-Led Startups Making The World A Better Place

By Heidi Yeung

Here are some of the emerging women-fronted companies that have come out of Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide's accelerator programme this year

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There are few places in the world that don’t reduce women to the backseat to some degree, which is simultaneously frustrating and inefficient considering what we’re all capable of, regardless of gender, if given a chance.

In 2015, Anna Wong and Inès Gafsi co-founded Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW), one of Asia's largest business platforms for female founders and business executives for women to learn, network and raise capital.

One of the organisation’s key initiatives is the FEW Accelerator, which offers mature startups a range of services including cash investment, mentorship, media coverage and valuable access to FEW’s exclusive investor network while charting a clear pathway for expansion.

Over the past few years, FEW has incubated more than 20 high-growth tech companies led by women.

Here are the 2022 winning companies with women at the helm.

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InvestED Philippines

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Above  Carmina Bayombong of InvestED

Co-founded by 2020 Gen.T honouree Carmina Bayombong, an education finance expert and champion of youth development, InvestED helps young Filipinos take control of their future by offering student loans in a way that is accessible to even the most under-resourced. It also provides the opportunity to be connected to a personal coach, who will guide students through all aspects of life, not just study and careers.


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Above  Edwina Huang of Phoenxt

Textile-to-textile chemical recycling technology company Phoenxt was founded by Edwina Huang to “close the gap between textile waste and new fibre production” by offering an innovative, effective and sustainable recycling solution. Huang comes from a mindful fashion background and has also founded Vivify Textiles and its Ethical Fashion Room podcast.


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Above  Tiffany Khoo Mei Ling of WeAssist

Tiffany Khoo Mei Ling founded WeAssist to provide an easy way to connect individuals to the healthcare services they need, in a faster and safer way, to live longer and better lives.

The Malaysian entrepreneur is a dual-qualified lawyer with experience in human resources in the medical field. When she saw how difficult it was for healthcare facilities to find staff to fill temporary vacancies, she was inspired to create a service connecting locum medical staff with healthcare providers. Her app, Locum Apps, connects medical staff to individuals looking for medical care at home. 

The R Collective

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Above  Christina Dean of The R Collective

The R Collective offers luxury and premium fashion brands a solution to meeting their sustainability targets by rescuing, then reusing and recycling top-tier textiles and apparel waste into products to be sold on its website and business-to-business network. The company was founded in 2017 by Gen.T honouree Christina Dean, a devoted sustainable fashion advocate.

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Spread-it Limited

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Above  Winnie Lee of Spread-it

Co-founded by Winnie Lee and her partner Timothy Ng, Spread-it is Hong Kong’s biggest micro-influencer platform and network connecting brands to content creators for exposure on social media. L’Oreal, Shiseido, Adidas and H&M are among its list of more than 500 clients, and Spread-it is supported by various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Weibo.


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Above  Anca Griffiths of OM

Founded by 2021 Gen.T honouree Anca Griffiths, OM brings consumers direct access to leading health experts, who are on the cutting-edge of clinical research and specialised practice.

Offering dual pathways to corporates and consumer markets, OM’s Health Masterclasses transform precision medicine support into beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-access formats for consumers everywhere.

Today, OM offers more than 140 expert-led Health Masterclasses that cover all health matters, from physical and mental health to disease and preventative health strategies.


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Above  Aidaa Wong of Zignals

An NFT marketplace for luxury assets founded by Aidaa Wong, Zignals is a platform for buying, selling and investing in authentic luxury brand items using cryptocurrency. Wong is no stranger to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds; the successful serial entrepreneur has vast experience in blockchain and artificial intelligence projects.


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Above  Olivia Chan of BeautyFact

Co-founded by Olivia Chan, BeautyFact is an app that allows users to check the ingredients in their beauty products for sustainability, safety and health, and social and environmental impacts. The first such service available in Mandarin, the app was inspired by Chan’s personal journey with eczema, and her challenge of finding clean products that wouldn’t trigger her condition.

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