We’re Moving To A New Website On May 5

By Chong Seow Wei

On May 5, Gen.T will join our sister brands under one roof at TatlerAsia.com

Tatler Asia

In just over two weeks, Gen.T will have a new home. On May 5, we will be migrating to Tatler Asia land to join our sister brands under the same roof—and we cannot wait!

We launched our website on 15 December 2018 and still love every part of how we look now, but we know there has never been a better time to try a new look. Besides, we are far too young—just six in human years—to be tied down by our own baggage.

Our development team and editors have been working hard on creating a new look. We can’t say for sure if they were inspired by the same home improvement shows we have been binge-watching on Netflix, but we can say this: we clean up well. 

See for yourself:

Tatler Asia
Above  A preview of Gen.T's new homepage design

We will also have new tricks up our sleeves. We will have a sidebar that is updated regularly with the latest achievements and happenings in our community of Gen.T honourees. 

Also, like everyone else we have a dark side—or at least we will when our development team finishes the tweaks to our Dark Mode setting. 

Our default mode is to be optimistic about the future—as you can tell from our content—but we know there is also power in accepting our vulnerabilities and imperfections. Our current site isn’t perfect, but it has been home for the past three years. We’ll miss it, but we’re also incredibly excited about the move. As Nigerian poet Ben Okri once said, “Where there is perfection there is no story to tell.” 

The move will not impact our editorial direction. We will continue to cover the leaders, ideas and trends shaping Asia’s future. Our flagship product, the Gen.T List, will also remain on our current site until we launch our 2022 list in October on the Tatler Asia website.

Before we say goodbye to you here at generationt.asia, we hope you carry on enjoying our hospitality and stories. And on May 5, come to say hello to us at TatlerAsia.com!

Gen.T is moving to TatlerAsia.com on May 5. 

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