Video: Meet 10 Visionary Malaysian Entrepreneurs

By Jessica Liew

For our second series of our inaugural Generation T, we delve into the visionary minds of 10 agents of innovation who are enriching the city's entrepreneurial landscape.

Tatler Asia

After putting a spotlight on the Connectors from our Generation T list for their entrepreneurial accomplishments while taking the social media scene by storm, we wanted to celebrate emerging visionaries we dubbed the Creators. This bunch are impacting the local entrepreneur scene in their own unique way.

This group of creators showcased their ability at creating a synergy from scratch, a reflection of the flourishing entrepreneur landscape. They are dreamers, just like all of us, but they take it further by translating dreams into reality. Each summarised the success of their ventures to two keywords, ‘hard work’ and a recurring emphasis on pursuing passions.

We couldn’t be more proud to welcome these dynamic innovators to the Generation Tatler fold.

Ju Nn Phang & Wendy Tai 


A fateful encounter between Ju Nn Phang and Wendy Tai led to the birth of Duchess & Co in 2013. The girls ran the brand as an online store from a small office in Empire Subang Jaya, which branched out to outlets in Bangsar and Gurney Drive, Penang. To date, the trend-savvy ladies have proudly organised a fashion show attended by 400 guests and have recently moved to a new office above their refurbished flagship store in Bangsar.

Nina Ismail Sabri & Zaida Ibrahim

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Though the nature of their businesses vary, this pair of friends can always count on one another whenever they need solid advice or a sounding board. Nina Ismail Sabri, owner of the women-only salon, Capello by Nina and Peterana Kindergarten, along with Zaida Ibrahim, the founder of Impressed cold-pressed juices, are two rising stars from a clique of influential entrepreneurs. Respectively hailing from a background of marketing and banking, the alluring duo can’t resist a challenge and usually rise to the occasion, with poise and glamour.

Lim Ai Chiin, Elizabeth Lee-Yong & Aarti Doshi


The world of entrepreneurs is a competitive one, but gather an eclectic mix of female impresarios in one room and you’ve got a spectacle of girl power. Lim Ai Chiin - founder of fashion retail brand Cuevolution,
Elizabeth Lee-Yong - co-founder of jewellery brand Bowerhaus and Aarti Doshi - managing director of Perseid Consultancy; pursue varied interests and come from different backgrounds, but immediately strike up a bond built on respect and admiration. These women know how to have fun and wear their femininity loud and proud.

Andrew Chia, Ganesh Muren & Terrence Teong


Proving that startups are not all ruthless and self-seeking, is the trio of social proponents: Andrew Chia - founder of health and fitness portal Fitgeek, Ganesh Muren - mastermind of water filtration enterprise Saora Industries and Terrence Teong - entrepreneur of micro-financing company Uangteman. These young men are passionate about improving the lives of people through revolutionary solutions, using their knowledge to fill in gaping holes of society. 

It’s the turn of an exciting era for innovators and entrepreneurs. Our Generation T luminaries have identified this and are, in their own way, educating and empowering by creating products of their passions. It’s a showcase of stepping out of comfort zones, identifying and tirelessly pursuing passions. These innovators hold the future in their hands and we’re excited to see how they will chart society’s progress.

 The third and final series of our Generation T will be revealed in October. Stay tuned. 

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