The Spotify Playlist To Get Your Week Started Right, According To Our Gen.T Team

By Samantha Mei Topp

Get through the Monday morning funk with this collection of tunes curated by the Gen.T team

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The Gen.T team across Asia has come up with a playlist for anyone who wants to combat the Monday Blues. Featuring tracks from a diverse range of genres, including instrumental Thai funk and R&B, the hour-long playlist will help you start your week right.

Listen to the playlist and read more about why we chose each song below.

Lee Williamson, regional editorial director

Prelude For Time Feelers by Eluvium "This track came out in 2007 but I only discovered it recently (thank you, Spotify algorithm). It’s a soaring, cinematic, piano-led instrumental piece by US ambient artist Eluvium that’s just right to calm the nerves and help you get in the right frame of mind to tackle that Monday morning inbox."
Father Bird, Mother Bird by Khruangbin "Another chill instrumental track, this one from Houston trio Khruangbin, who blend soul and ’60s psychedelia to mesmerising effect. Some critics also describe the band’s sound as Thai funk, which would fit their name—Khruangbin translates to “flying engine” or airplane in Thai. Either way, it’ll get you flying on a rainy Monday morning."

Chong Seow Wei, Southeast Asia editor

Hurt Me by Ehrling feat. Wilhelm "I’m mostly attracted to the tunes of songs, rather than their lyrics, and this song always has me bopping my head."
One Headlight by The Wallflowers "I love the intro and this would make a great road trip song."
Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin "I've been listening to this song since I was in school and it still makes me feel upbeat."

Samantha Mei Topp, digital editor

Feet Don't Fail Me Now by Joy Crookes "This is one of Joy's most recent releases, it's a mix of soul and pop paired with her unique vocals. Aside from being catchy, the song lyrics are also refreshingly different. She sings about the importance of being brave, speaking up and standing your ground."
Corazón by Elastic Bond "I love this song so much, it's gentle, slow and relaxing. For me, it's the perfect song to play when I need to focus and get into a creative mindset."
Honey by Raveena "Raveena is a really unique artist, all of her music instantly transports your mind into a dreamy world of relaxation, warmth and light. When Monday's got your stress levels rising, put in your headphones and listen to Honey." 

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Above  Meet the Gen.T team

Nick Wilson, marketing director 

Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks "I love the power of Stevie Nicks’ voice."
Black And White Town by Doves "I can’t stop tapping my feet to the rhythm section and there’s plenty of opportunities to sing along without having to know all the words!"

Kate Appleton, Front & Female director 

Another Day of Sun from La La Land "It makes me smile thinking of the cast dancing in a snarled traffic jam to this upbeat number."
Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine "Florence is such a powerhouse, and this is a great anthem that can encourage you to start over on a Monday."

Anudari Kane, marketing intern

Nabi by Peggy Gou & OHHYUK "I love the vibe of this song- very early 90’s vibe! Puts me in a really good chill mood."
Do You Remember by Dombresky and Camden Cox "Again, I love the vibe of the song and the progression to the chorus. So much fun and super fun to jam out to!"

Chong Jinn Xiung, Malaysia editor

Everyone Wants To Rule The World by Weezer "Because we all could use a little motivation on Mondays to go out there and take on the world."
Nine In The Afternoon by Panic At The Disco "This song kind of encapsulates that feeling you get when you are wearer at the middle of a sleepy afternoon and things doesn't make sense, and remind you that hey it's okay, sometimes things go side ways."

Silky Cheng, marketing manager

How Far I'll Go by Alessia Cara "It's a positive song for a Monday, and it gives me energy."
Have It All by Jason Mraz "It's a super cheerful song to start the week."

Zoe Hsu, Taiwan editor

Malibuu by Matt Dimona feat. Lani Renaldo "This song always brings me chilled vibes and reminds me of the good memories I had of traveling in LA, especially the drive to the beach."
Way Back by Rayana Jay "I like her voice, and the chilled vibe of the song."

Sabrina Lee, marketing and events executive

Happy by Pharrell Williams "This is a bright cheerful song despite how gloomy a Monday might be."
Smile by Kate Perry "It's a great story full of hope and love, and makes me smile all time."

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