The Gen.T Team's Favourite Articles Of 2021

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From an interview with clean energy champions in Malaysia to a piece with one of the Philippines biggest music stars about mental health, here are the articles our Gen.T editors enjoyed reading or writing the most this year

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It's that time of the year again, where we look at what we've achieved, what we're grateful for and what we'd like to do next. This year, our team of editors have covered a spectrum of topics and issues, from rethinking how we address mental health issues to what makes an effective leader to the plight of sex workers.

Here are some of the articles they enjoyed reading or working on the most.

1. Musician and Actor Nadine Lustre On Music, Fame And Mental Health

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Above  Filipino musician and actor Nadine Lustre speaks to Gen.T's regional editorial director, Lee Williamson, for an episode of our Crazy Smart Asia podcast

Lee Williamson, regional editorial director

"My favourite thing about our podcast, Crazy Smart Asia, is that we get to go really long-form. We can take our time in an interview to get stuck into the issues that matter most to young leaders in Asia, to learn how some of the most successful people in their field have achieved what they have achieved—the decisions they have made and sacrifices they have had to make. I think of each season of the podcast as an audio toolkit for entrepreneurs.

Picking just one episode is almost too tough, but if I had to choose one I’d opt for the interview with musician and actor Nadine Lustre, just because of how incredibly brave she was in honestly discussing the full extent of her struggles with mental health. She leaves nothing on the table in a frank, no-holds-barred conversation, in the hope of reminding others in the same situation that they’re not alone."

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2. “It’s Not How You Start, But How You Finish”: Three Industry Experts On The Skills Leaders Need Today

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Above  Gen.T and Valentino co-organised a panel discussion on the definition of leadership today featuring three speakers: Errol Lim of Jublia, Mark Wee of DesignSingapore Council and Vincent Ha of Lyte Ventures and Gushcloud International

Chong Seow Wei, Southeast Asia editor

"As an editor, it's sometimes difficult to relate to the stories of entrepreneurs as I haven't been in their shoes. But it's always through candid conversations that I glean interesting—and often eye-opening—insights about being a business owner and apply them to my future interviews with other founders.

One of my favourite conversations was a panel discussion that we presented in partnership with Valentino this past July, where we invited three individuals to discuss company culture, managing people and the role of a leader today. One of the most memorable quotes from the session, which was attended by an audience virtually, was "In leadership, it’s not so important how you start, it’s more important how you finish".

Read the key takeaways from the panel discussion

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3. Why Clean Energy Isn’t The Silver Bullet For the Climate Crisis

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Above  Vinesh Sinha, founder and CEO of FatHopes Energy

Chong Jinn Xiung, Malaysia editor

"Sustainability has been one of the topics I could not stay away from this year. When the energy crisis hit Europe, I knew it was a big issue to discuss and I wanted to get input from Malaysian Gen.T honourees from the sector to hear their insights.

I recall not expecting Vinesh Sinha of FatHopes Energy's comment on how we can tackle the climate crisis—he said that there is a future for fossil fuels in all of this, and the more I listened to his explanation, the more it made sense. For certain communities, such as those living in the interiors of the jungle in Malaysia, fossil fuel remains a reliable source of energy to fuel the generators that power their homes. There is no clear cut answer to address the climate crisis—and renewable energy certainly isn't the be all end all solution to the problem."

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4. 專訪Anchor Taiwan創辦人邱懷萱:「創業是在利他的人生志業上,進行和自己與世界極致的對話。

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Above  Elisa Chiu, founder of Anchor Taiwan and Anchor Venture Partners

Zoe Hsu, Taiwan editor

"I enjoyed writing this article with Elisa Chiu, who is the founder of Anchor Taiwan and Anchor Venture Partners, because it points out the issues that female entrepreneurs are facing and shows the strength they need and opportunities they have to make the world a better place."

Read the interview in Mandarin

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5. This Entrepreneur Is Building A Tripadvisor For Women's Sexual Wellness

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Above  In an interview with Southeast Asia editor Chong Seow Wei, Singapore Gen.T honouree Jingjin Liu discusses the misconceptions around female sexual wellness and her plans to launch a line of medically endorsed vibrators

Clairice Halim, Indonesia editor

"I like the article because it enlightens the audience about sexual wellness and clarifies the misunderstanding around a topic that is so taboo in Asia, especially for women in who are reluctant to talk about sexual pleasure due to religious issues. I also think that the devices that ZaZaZu plans to launch will bring us all a step closer to being more aware of the importance of women's sexual health."

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6. How Social Enterprise Auro Chocolate Is Empowering Farmers In The Philippines

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Above  A cacao farmer in the Philippines. Photo: Auro Chocolate

Isabel Martel Francisco, Philippines editor

"I enjoyed the interview with Mark Ocampo for this article because I learned all about how his brand was giving back and doing as much as possible to enrich my country. It’s inspirational and motivational, and it makes you think about what and how else you can contribute to your own community."

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