The Gen.T List 2021 In Numbers: East Asia

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Want to know more about the Gen.T List 2021? Here are a few key stats about the entrepreneurs and other young leaders from East Asia on this year's list

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For the next week, the names of the entrepreneurs and other young leaders on the Gen.T List 2021 remain under lock and key. That will change starting September 3, when we start to release the names, region by region, over a couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, we can reveal some details about the make-up of the list as a whole. Here are some stats on the honourees from East Asia on the Gen.T List 2021.

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The average age of this year’s honourees from East Asia. Only people under 40 are eligible for inclusion.


The number of unicorns—a company valued at more than US$1 billion—run by honourees from East Asia on the list.

30.8 million

The combined number of Instagram and Weibo followers the 2021 East Asia honourees have between them.

Tatler Asia
Above  Shirley Dong, a 2020 Gen.T honouree

996.2 million

The total amount of disclosed funding companies helmed by this year’s East Asia honourees attracted between January 2020 and June 2021—the window of time we assess when looking at a candidate’s credentials.

70 percent

102 of this year’s East Asia honourees, or 70 percent, own their companies.

Tatler Asia
Above  Candice Chan, a 2020 Gen.T honouree


The total number of honourees from East Asia on the Gen.T List of 300 Leaders of Tomorrow.


The number of experts from East Asia on the Tribe, our panel of industry heavyweights who nominate and help vet candidates for the Gen.T List.

Tatler Asia
Above  ØZI (Yi Fan Chen), a 2020 Gen.T honouree


The size of the longlist of names from East Asia we arrived at after our initial vetting, before finally whittling the list down to 146 from the region.


The number of 2021 honourees from East Asia running family-owned companies.


The number of East Asia honourees who have been on a previous edition of the Gen.T List. The main criteria for the list is achievement in the last 18 months. Candidates are considered for repeat inclusion if they have had significant achievements since their last appearance on the list.

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