Business Leaders On The Future Of Their Industries

By Chong Seow Wei

Industry heavyweights look ahead on the possible—and utopian—futures of their fields.

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1. Hospitality  

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Above  Surya Jhunjhnuwala, founder and managing director of Naumi Hospitality

“In 35 years time, technology will completely revolutionise the hospitality industry and redefine how we operate as hoteliers. Facial recognition would be the modus operandi in enhancing hotel security, providing seamless access to guest rooms, and facilitating cashless payments at points of sale. Bigger hotel chains would give way to smaller, niche operators who are embracing augmented and virtual reality to offer guests a customised, immersive experience.”

2. Urban Living

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Above  Angelene Chan, CEO of DP Architects

“Autonomous vehicles on public roads will be the norm, changing our lifestyle habits and how buildings and cities will be planned. Imagine having a selfdriving car that picks up your dry-cleaning and runs your errands while you sleep. Mobility will be greatly enhanced and traffic congestion reduced. Carparking spaces of today could be developed into community spaces such as parks or public squares, and downtown areas could be revitalised as large walkable streetscapes.”

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3. Theatre 

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Above  Adrian Pang, co-founder and artistic director of Pangdemonium

“I envisage Singapore’s theatre scene to be so vibrant and dynamic that tourists from around the world would make sure to experience it as part of their visit here. You would also no longer hear our fellow countrymen say: ‘That was really good… for a local production,’ because Singapore theatre practitioners would have long been capable of producing world-class work and the public’s perception and mindset would have evolved, too. For now, we will get there!”

4. Arts 

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Above  Milenko Prvacki, artist and senior fellow at Lasalle College of the Arts

“It’s difficult to project art 35 years in advance. Good art is difficult to anticipate and predict because it doesn’t go in line with the actual situation, but in front of it. I would love to see the establishing of a new building by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Singapore, which would be dedicated to an unrestricted, world-class and international collection of art.”

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5. Law

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Above  Susan Peh, senior director of Yeo-Leong & Peh

“With the exponential advancement of information technology and artificial intelligence, dramatic changes would transform and revolutionise the legal landscape. In 35 years, lawyers would operate from virtual offices, attend virtual court hearings, and leverage on digitisation and electronic devices. Cutting-edge technology will be the hallmark of the industry, creating a platform for greater accuracy in research, deeper analysis and innovative solutions.”

6. Transport

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Above  Anthony Tan, co-founder and CEO of Grab

"I am optimistic about the future we are building for our children and grandchildren. They will live in a safer, cleaner, less polluted and more efficient world powered by electric and autonomous vehicles. This could also be a future where almost everyone will enjoy the benefits of door-to-door mobility through a mobility plan where miles can be purchased the same way we buy data plans from telcos today."

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