See Behind The Scenes At Our Virtual List Launch Events

By Lee Williamson

The pandemic prevented us from bringing together the newest members of our community at events across Asia this year, but it couldn't stop us connecting altogether. Here's what happened at the virtual unveiling events for the Gen.T List 2020

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On the evening of October 15, Gen.T held six virtual events in one night—five of them simultaneously—to officially unveil the Gen.T List 2020

In cities where coronavirus restrictions allowed—namely Taipei, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur—we held a physical event, as we have done every other year, to bring together the 2020 honourees and celebrate their achievements. 

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Above  Head of Generation T Tamara Lamunière and editor Lee Williamson co-hosted the regional virtual unveiling event

For the other countries and territories covered by the Gen.T List—Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand—we hosted simultaneous local virtual events, which allowed us to introduce the Gen.T platform, reveal the full list in their region, honour their achievement and provide an opportunity for structured virtual networking.

We then brought all attendees together in one regional unveiling event, which included a talk and a special performance. 

Watch the video below to see all 400 Leaders of Tomorrow on the Gen.T List 2020

Above  See all 400 honourees on the Gen.T List 2020

The virtual list unveiling events offered a chance to introduce the Gen.T platform to our new batch of honourees, sharing with them our mission to inspire and connect the Leaders of Tomorrow through our curated events and content.

To give them a taste of what to expect, we showed the honourees this brief video, which highlights some of our key initiatives over the last year. 

Above  A video introducing the Gen.T platform, which was shown at the event

During the regional portion of the event, we showed a few highlights from Gen.T editor Lee Williamson's recent conversation with journalist and Rappler founder Maria Ressa, originally recorded for virtual event Gen.T Stream. We were also treated to a live performance by breakthrough singer-songwriter and 2020 honouree Jasmine Sokko

During the local unveiling events, we also took a photo of the honourees in attendance. See below for each region's class photo. 


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This year's Gen.T List featured 55 young leaders from Singapore. The honourees cover a diverse range of industries but all have purpose at their core, whether they are advocating for the rights of the country's sex workers or pioneering plant-based alternatives to popular foods.

Hong Kong

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This year's list featured 40 honourees from Hong Kong. The young leaders are focused on issues ranging from dragging the insurance industry into the 21st century to transforming Hong Kong’s educational spaces.

The Philippines

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The 55 honourees on the Gen.T List 2020 from Indonesia represent the future of the country. The leaders are on diverse paths, from helping Indonesia become food self-sufficient to democratising capital market investment in the country.

The Indonesia event was presented in partnership with BMW Indonesia. 


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Thailand contributed 43 young leaders to this year's list of 400 Leaders of Tomorrow. Honourees include the country's first F1 racing driver since 1954, a vocal advocate for the rights of LGBTQ communities and an investor connecting Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia through venture capital.

Honourees From Across Asia

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Here are honourees from all five local unveiling events. Spot anyone you know or keen to discover who else is on the Gen.T List 2020? Explore the full list of 400. 

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