Samsung Innovators: Lavine Hemlani On His Education Revolution

By Lee Williamson

Entrepreneur Lavine Hemlani, founder of ed-tech platform Xccelerate, on how he’s using technology to redefine a centuries-old industry

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Lavine Hemlani is using technology to prepare Asia for the future of work. His startup Xccelerate helps people re-skill and “take advantage of the technological trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

“One of the largest challenges that AI is going to create in a very short period of time is massive job disruption,” says Hemlani. “How do you live and work in a world where AI is doing 50 to 60 percent of your job?”.

For Hemlani, the problem is both the content of our existing curriculums, as well as the outdated methods by which they are taught. “The gap between our obsolete education systems and what’s required to succeed in the future of work has never been wider,” he says.

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Above  Watch: Lavine Hemlani describes his vision for the future of education (Video: Capsule 48/Generation T)

Hemlani and Xccelerate offer an alternative, future-forward model. “The future of education is flipped... Online learning, which is boundary-less and scaleable, will allow us to personalise education. Everyone is going to have their own content that is tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.”

For this vision to become a reality, the right infrastructure needs to be in place—and we’re getting to that point. Cutting edge devices, such as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, are already equipped for the task, thanks to a large screen size and 5G connectivity. “5G is the game changer in education,” says Hemlani. “We are going to be able to livestream content, curriculum and instructors. You’ll be able to engage with your peers at your fingertips. On your device, anytime, anywhere you’ll be learning.”

For Hemlani it all feeds into his core mission—to create a “better, more abundant tomorrow."

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