Samsung Innovators: How Fiona Lau Is Shaping The Future Of Retail

By Lee Williamson

E-commerce entrepreneur Fiona Lau, co-founder and COO of Shopline, is helping small businesses thrive in the new retail landscape

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Hong Kong entrepreneur Fiona Lau’s startup Shopline is empowering merchants across Asia to achieve online sales success.

Founded in 2013, the smart commerce platform provides opportunities for all sorts of businesses to build online shops and access a wider consumer base.

Since 2017, the platform has doubled the number of merchants it serves to 200,000, providing them with the tools they need— from inventory and sales management to payment gateways, regional logistics and data analytics—to succeed in the new retail landscape.

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Above  Watch: Fiona Lau on how she is shaping the future of retail (Video: Capsule 48/Generation T)

“E-commerce changes every year, every month, every day,” says Lau. "We want to help our merchants adapt with this change.”

As with any successful entrepreneur, Lau identified a problem and figured out a solution. “My co-founder and I saw that there were so many small and medium-sized enterprises that were trying to go online because they saw that e-commerce was taking off, but they were really frustrated because they didn't know how to do so.”

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, these services have become more essential than ever, says Lau. “The pandemic has really changed consumer behaviour. Now all consumers expect to be able to shop online.”

Despite the rapid growth the company has experienced in 2020 because of this trend, Lau has been able to keep on top of her increasingly demanding schedule through her use of technology.

“As an entrepreneur, technology is really important for my day-to-day life,” says Lau. Phones such as Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, which functions as a tablet—and so much more—when unfolded, enable remote working anytime, anywhere. The phone’s unfolded 7.6-inch Main Screen can display up to three apps simultaneously, empowering effortless multitasking. “A phone really helps me do a quick phone call or answer emails any time,” she says.

For Lau, being constantly connected is all in service of her company’s wider mission: “To enable SMEs and mom and pop shops to have a future in retail—and help them fly and succeed.”

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