5 Podcasts Gen.T Honourees Are Listening To

By Samantha Topp

Looking for a new podcast in your life? We ask Gen.T honourees to recommend the shows they can't live without

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Podcasting has come a long way in 15 years. From its humble beginnings as a software designed to download internet radio broadcasts onto an iPod, podcasts have now transformed into a global multimillion-dollar industry.

With 2-3,000 podcasts launching every single month and over 750,000 podcasts globally, it can be tough to pick one. To get some pointers, we spoke to four Gen.T honourees about their favourite podcasts and what we should be listening to.

Tatler Asia
Above  Laurel Chor

Laurel Chor

Freelance visual journalist based in Hong Kong

"I love listening to Longform because the hosts pick accomplished journalists' brains and I get to learn about how they work. I love hearing about how they got the story, their processes, and their personal journeys, as well as how they handle self-doubt, failure and criticism–all occupational hazards when you're a creative person putting your work out there. It's like getting a master's in journalism, but in podcast form.”

About the podcast Each episode focuses on a single journalist, featuring people such as Jodi Kantor, a New York Times investigative reporter who, alongside Megan Twohey, published the first big-break Harvey Weinstein story in the New York Times.

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Above  Roshni Mahtani

Roshni Mahtani 

CEO and founder of Tickled Media

“I follow GGV’s 996 podcast regularly, because it offers great perspective to the China startup ecosystem. China has become home to some of the world’s most valuable tech companies, and most motivated entrepreneurs, and the 996 podcast gives us, non-Chinese founders a crystal ball look at what the future of Southeast Asia tech could look like.”

About the podcast Hosted by Hans Tung, the managing partner at GGV Capital, the podcast is focused on interviewing the movers and shakers of both China’s tech industry and tech leaders who have a US-China cross-border perspective. 

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Above  Michelle Sun

Michelle Sun

Co-founder of First Code Academy

“I love Skimm This, it’s a podcast by The Skimm, a newsletter about current affairs. This podcast makes it easy to stay on top of and understand the world’s top news.”

About Skimm This Designed for busy people, Skimm This gives you the most important stories of the day in just 10 minutes. With a new episode every weekday at 5pm (US east coast time), the podcast is a popular choice for a quick round-up for the day's headlines.

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Above  Cat Arambulo

Cat Arambulo 

Founder of catarambulo.com, Catastrophe and Cat Arambulo Studio

“My current favourite podcasts are Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations and Russell Brand’s Under The Skin. In this day and age where we have a tendency to be disconnected from reality, I think it is essential to tune in to things that connect you to people and information that feed your soul. I love listening to Oprah and Russell Brand regularly because they’re able to touch on soulful topics in the most entertaining and relatable way. They inspire me to do more and become the change I want to see in the world.”

About SuperSoul SuperSoul features a selection of Oprah’s most notable interviews, focusing on speakers that will guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self. 

About Under The Skin Each episode of Under The Skin tackles a variety of big topics, ranging from the populist revolution to gender fluidity, while also featuring high-level interviewees such as former US Vice President Al Gore. 

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