Aemulus Holdings CEO Berhad Ng Sang Beng: Lessons On A Happy Work Culture

By Lily Ong

Two years after listing his company, the CEO of Aemulus Holdings Berhad is focusing on his employees' growth

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Ng Sang Beng, the CEO of Aemulus Holdings Berhad, is not afraid to challenge the status quo.  This trait of his dates back to his early days as a junior engineer at a multinational semiconductor company.

“There was another engineer in my department who does his tasks robotically based on fixed procedures. He was unhappy and unfulfilled. I refused to be like him.  So, I took matter in my own hands by building my own softwares and tools to complete my tasks in a more efficient manner instead of mindlessly doing things because others are doing it. The process of building these new solutions excites me and challenges my mind,” he says.

Since then, he has never stopped believing in innovating and growth.

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He never imagined he would start his own company. It was only after encountering office politics in his fulltime job that he became an entrepreneur to seek success on his own terms.

Sang Beng hit a stumbling block  for his business venture because he did not know what to sell at first. At the advice of his mentor, he made cold calls to research what industry he could dabble into.

A lifeline came in the form of a factory owner who needed a semiconductor tester within six months. Despite his inexperience in the industry, Sang Beng brazenly accepted the purchase order.


He received warnings from more seasoned veterans in the testing field that he was going to fail. “I was told it usually takes two years and 30 engineers to build a tester, with a lot of money as capital,” he recalls. But he was not to be dissuaded by naysayers.

Despite limitations in resources, workforce and time, Sang Beng  recruited an all-star team of engineers and motivated them. With passion, determination and out-of-the-box thinking, they completed the required tester by six months.  With this breakthrough, he has found a niche for Aemulus.


Having listed Aemulus on Bursa Malaysia two years ago, Sang Beng’s profile is on the rise. A member of the Endeavour Malaysia network alongside other Malaysian success tatler_tatler_stories, he recently made news for strategic moves such as acquiring land in Penang for expansion.

Despite the current spotlight on him, he is adamant that it is his employees who deserve the recognition. Here, he shares three tips on fostering a culture of happiness at work.

Listen to your team's ideas
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“I once worked for a  boss who is open to new ideas. Not only is he a good listener, he lets us try things and allowed us to grow as individuals and a team.  On the other hand, I have also worked with a superior who resents new ideas from his employees because of his own insecurities. He uses office politics to rule his team through jealousy and mind games. This latter experience taught me that office politics is detrimental for a company’s success. That's why I built Aemulus as a place where office politics isn’t tolerated.”

Motivate your employees with purpose 
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“Since our listing, cashflow is more stable. So I can now focus on my employees. I want my team to be more accountable. I want my team to know that Aemulus can be a platform for them to shine and where they can find their purpose in life. I hope when they find their purpose here, they will feel passion for the company.”

Challenge your team IMG_2187_s.jpg (original size)

“I always refer to the team who first joined me as the ‘Avengers’. Why? Because they were 'superheroes' who took a risk with me to build our first semiconductor tester. They were only in their mid-20s but they were game to take up the challenge. I encouraged them to think differently and they did. That's what makes Aemulus great—our people.”

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