Meet All The Honourees From Across Asia On The Gen.T List 2021

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We've now revealed all 300 Leaders of Tomorrow on the Gen.T List 2021. Explore the list in full below

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We have now unveiled all 300 honourees on the Gen.T List 2021.

We released all the names from one country or territory every few days, revealing the honourees from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Mainland China, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan over a two-week period.

The 300 young leaders from across Asia selected for the Gen.T List 2021 represent the future. They are the successful entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives we believe are the Leaders of Tomorrow. Click the button below to see who they are and read their profiles. 

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Above  Claudia Chanhoi

Over the past two weeks, we've also been publishing stories on the work and impact of the newest members of our community. Read them here. 

Hong Kong

Harmony Ilunga, Founder of Harmony HK, Is Revolutionising Hong Kong's Modelling Scene
Gen.T honouree Anne-Marie “Harmony” Ilunga is breaking barriers one model at a time with her inclusive modelling agency, Harmony HK

Claudia Chanhoi's Unique Art Normalises The Idea Of Women Expressing Sexual Desire. See It Here
Women should be able to express their sexual desire without being labelled a "slut", says Claudia Chanhoi. The artist uses illustrations to normalise sexual conversations in Hong Kong


TurtleTree Co-Founder Fengru Lin On How Cell-Based Milk Can Help Tackle Climate Change
Singapore alternative protein startup TurtleTree is one of the world’s first companies to use a cell-based method to make milk. It's co-founder Fengru Lin talks about the impact of traditional milk farming on the planet—and how her product can help

Meet the 2021 Gen.T Honourees Who Are Driving Change in Singapore
These young leaders in Singapore are driving social change through their chosen platforms, from virtual reality to art

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Above  Red Hong Yi


Artist Red Hong Yi On Why NFTs Are The Future Of Art
Malaysian Artist Red Hong Yi shares her experience of creating her first NFT art piece—and the potential the medium holds for digital artists everywhere

5 Women Shaping The Malaysian Startup Space in 2021
Meet five young leaders in Malaysia who are driving change through their impactful startups

The Philippines

Why You Should Finally Get Into Podcasts—Or Maybe Start Your Own
Ron Baetiong, CEO and founder of Podcast Network Asia, on why every young creative should launch a podcast.

6 Women Shaping The Startup Space In the Philippines
Meet six young leaders in the Philippines who are breaking new ground with their businesses

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Above  Vivi Lin


Meet The Woman Making Workplaces A Safe Space For LGBTQ People In Mainland China
Ivy Wong is trying to make workplace diversity the most important driver of positive change for LGBTQ people in mainland China


This Student Entrepreneur Is Getting People Talking About Menstrual Stigma. Here's How
Vivi Lin, the founder of Little Red Hood, is addressing menstrual stigma and the period poverty that can accompany it, through education and providing menstrual products to girls who struggle to access them

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Above  Chonladet ‘Nuek’ Khemarattana


Volunteer Doctor Debryna Dewi Lumanauw Is Bridging Indonesia's Urban-Rural Healthcare Gap
A youthful veteran of emergency medicine, Debryna Dewi Lumanauw wants to use her skills to bridge Indonesia's urban-rural healthcare gap


Chonladet Khemarattana And His Army Of Robots Are Disrupting Thailand's Fintech Industry
Chonladet ‘Nuek’ Khemarattana's company Robowealth has launched Thailand's first robo-advisory investment product. He explains how his company is disrupting the fintech industry for the better

After you've finished browsing through the list, why not Meet The Tribe and learn more about the panel of industry experts who nominated and helped vet candidates for the list. You can also browse through the Gen.T List 2021 In Numbers to discover the gender ratio, the total amount of funding raised by this year's honourees, and much more. Finally, if you have ambitions of being a future Leader of Tomorrow, check out our explainer on how to get on the Gen.T List. 

See all honourees on the Gen.T List 2021.

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