Johnnie Walker Releases 7 Limited-Edition Whisky NFTs On BlockBar

By June Lee

BlockBar co-founders Sam and Dov Falic discuss the launch of seven pieces of digital art tied to the rare 48-year old Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour whisky

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Cover  Photo: Johnnie Walker


On 31 May, 10.30am Eastern Standard Time, history will be made as two-centuries-old Scotch brand Johnnie Walker launches its first NFT (non-fungible token) collection on BlockBar, an online marketplace for NFTs by luxury wine and spirit brands.

Seven unique animated art created by Kode Abdo, who goes by the moniker BossLogic, will drop in tribute to the taste of generations as found in the limited edition 48-year-old Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour.

The Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour contains 48-year-old whisky from the fabled “ghost” distillers of Glyn Albyn, Port Dundas, Brora and Glenury Royal—a rare and priceless collectible according to whisky aficionados, as the remaining stocks from these shuttered warehouses have diminished. The whisky is also presented in a striking green Baccarat crystal decanter within a bespoke oak cabinet.

With an eye on innovation, they have reimagined the whisky trading experience with redeemable NFTs, allowing just seven bottles to be exclusively paired with a unique piece of digital art and exclusive access to brand experiences.

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Tatler Asia
Photo: Johnnie Walker
Above  Seven bottles of 48-year-old Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour are paired with digital art created by artist Bosslogic (Photo: Johnnie Walker)
Tatler Asia
Photo: Johnnie Walker
Above  Each of the seven NFTs celebrate the souls of life, from water to fire (Photo: Johnnie Walker)

Johnnie Walker global brand director Julie Bramham says: “At Johnnie Walker, we’re always challenging ourselves to create unique experiences that people can enjoy and engage with around the world. This innovative collaboration with BlockBar puts Johnnie Walker at the cutting edge of what is possible in whisky, providing something truly unique for whisky aficionados and collectors around the world.”

BlockBar founders Sam and Dov Falic have created their direct-to-customer marketplace precisely to enable these secure, authenticated transactions between brands and collectors. As Dov explains, with the cousins’ accumulated experiences in the luxury wine and spirits industry, they had already had a strong working relationship with Diageo, Johnnie Walker’s parent company, for many years. And then, six months ago, they began to collaborate in earnest on tailoring this first digital release for the group.

With much of BlockBar’s consumer base being in the 25 to 34-year-old age group, Johnnie Walker will extend its luxury whisky's reach to a new generation of collectors.

Tatler Asia
Samuel and Dov Falic (Photo: BlockBar)
Above  Samuel and Dov Falic (Photo: BlockBar)

According to Dov, NFT holders will receive three assets with their purchase: “One is the actual physical bottle, if you choose to redeem it; two is an artwork from BossLogic that will live on [the] blockchain forever; and three is the distillery tour and rare and collectible whisky tasting in Edinburgh.”

The usual transaction between customer and brand happens through many intermediaries, without the brand knowing who or where the customer is, Sam notes. Through blockchain technology, the customer is in charge of their own data and be able to expand the relationship with the brand if they wish to.

At the end of the day, Dov notes that spirit collectibles that go on BlockBar are appealing to a new and global demographic who may not have been spoken to previously. “Just imagine, this barrel was being put down in Scotland 50 years ago, and it’s pretty special to be able to get seven bottles of these on BlockBar today, no matter where you are. It can be enjoyed immediately, yes, but there’s more of the aspect of collecting and trading, or gifting—that’s the real opportunity.” 

The Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour NFT collection drops on May 31, 10.30am EST, at BlockBar

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