In Pictures: A Discussion On Crypto With Coinhako’s Yusho Liu

By Chong Seow Wei

We hosted an intimate breakfast session at 1880 Singapore attended by Gen.T honourees curious about the crypto market

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Cover  Maxim Tint, Yusho Liu, Ng Yi Ming

The cryptocurrency market has taken a hit this year, experiencing one of its biggest drops in recent times. Many investors lost large sums of money, while others grew wary of the space. But this “crypto winter”, as it is called, hasn’t dampened everyone’s interest in decentralised digital currencies. 

On September 22, Gen.T hosted an intimate breakfast event in Singapore for the crypto curious, with crypto exchange Coinhako’s co-founder Yusho Liu as a guest speaker.

In attendance were tech startup leaders, some of who have personally invested in crypto for years and others thinking about it. So it was no surprise that there were constant questions for Liu throughout the session.

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Above  The breakfast session took place at private members' club 1880

Some of these include how he and his co-founder started Coinhako, his views on the regulation of crypto services, the cause of the crypto market crash and red flags all investors should know before investing in a crypto project. 

Coinhako has been operating since 2014, which makes it one of the longest-standing crypto exchanges in Asia-Pacific. Before the market crashed, the platform’s total trading volume grew to US$7 billion in 2021—a 1,200 percent increase from the previous year. That same period, its registered user base also more than doubled to nearly 400,000. 

This year, despite the economic downturn, the company announced that it will be expanding its business and focusing on attracting institutions and affluent investors.

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