How These Entrepreneurs Use Tech And The Power Of Connections To Make A Positive Impact

By Lee Williamson

Elisa Chiu and Max Ma have both founded ventures that utilise technology and connections to make the world a better place, albeit in very different ways. We grill both founders in the Social Impact Quickfire

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What motivates some of the region’s leading social entrepreneurs? How do they lead their teams? And what’s the best way to build a sustainable business model?

We had so many burning questions for the winners of this year’s Gen.T x Credit Suisse Social Impact Awards that we couldn’t choose between them. So we decided to ask them all—really, really fast. 

Produced in partnership with Credit Suisse, the Social Impact Awards recognise Gen.T honourees who are using technology to create social impact at scale. 

For the Social Impact Quickfire, we partnered two awardees from similar fields, shooting off dozens of rapid-fire questions about their company, their why and the impact they make.  

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Elisa Chiu is founder of Anchor Taiwan, a global platform that connects local and international startups through matching, community and cultural exchanges. We paired Elisa with Max Ma, founder of Give Circle, a platform to help people redistribute unwanted items.

Watch the video to see how Elisa and Max are using the power of connections and technology to make the world a better place.

See all the winners of the Gen.T x Credit Suisse Social Impact Awards.

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