Here's Everything You Need To Know About StartmeupHK Festival 2021

By Lee Williamson

Hong Kong's biggest annual event for the the city's startup community is back for another year of panels and talks. Here are the highlights to look out for

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Cover  Jayne Chan, head of StartmeupHK, speaks on a panel. (Photo: StartmeupHK)

Hong Kong's biggest annual event for tech-focused startups is back on 24-28 May for a week of virtual programming. 

Under the theme "Welcome To A Future Unlimited", this year's StartmeupHK Festival comprises 14 main events, covering everything from proptech and AI to social impact and funding for female founders. Organisers say the virtual festival's goal is to unlock business opportunities for startups and unpack the latest ideas, trends and innovations with a global audience. 

Organised by Invest HK, a branch of the Hong Kong government responsible for attracting foreign investment and supporting multinationals that wish to expand operations into the city, StartmeupHK Festival is an umbrella brand for a week of diverse one-day events organised by its event partners.

Its roster of partners this year includes WHub, Asia Society; The Mills Fabrica, founded by Gen.T honouree Vanessa Cheung; Brinc, founded by Gen.T Tribe member Manav Gupta; KPMG; and Eureka Nova, an accelerator by Hong Kong conglomerate New World Development. 

With hundreds of speakers and thousands of delegates across the week's 14 events, there's days of great programming to dive into. Only have a few hours to spend? Here are some of the highlights we're looking forward to.

Hear From The Founder Behind the NFT Boom

Best for Crypto junkies.

Vitalik Buterin is the 27-year-old co-founder of Ethereum, the cryptocurrency behind the majority of NFT trades. Ever since digital artist Beeple's record-breaking US$69.3 million NFT sale in March, everyone's been talking about the potential future market. Get first-hand insights from Buterin on the future of both Ethereum, currently the second most valuable cryptocurrency, and the digital art world at large.

Event Virtual Fintech Forum
Date May 27
Time 10.05am

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Get insights from the inventor behind Google's innovation Lab

Best for Product builders.

Tom Chi is best known as head of product experience and a founding member of Google X, the tech giant's "moonshot factory" behind innovations such as Google Glass. Known as a global expert in rapid prototyping, his current work, as a founding partner at One Ventures, focuses on "accelerating a future where humanity becomes a net positive to nature", and will also be the focus of this talk. 

Event Startup Impact Summit
Date May 26
Time 9.15am

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Above  Jayne Chan, head of StartmeupHK. (Photo: StartmeupHK)

Get the Inside Scoop on the future of entrepreneurship 

Best for Hong Kong entrepreneurs.

In the last year, Cyberport, a government-owned hub for the city's startups, has unveiled a number of new initiatives with the aim of developing the city's talent pipeline and connecting startup founders with the people they need to help their businesses grow. Cyberport CEO Peter Yan will talk with Tamara Lamunière, Regional MD of Generation T, about these initiatives as well as "The Future Of Entrepreneurs" in their fireside chat. 

Event The Connected Cities Conference
Date May 27
Time 5.45pm

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Above  Guy Kawasaki (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Meet the man who marketed the Mac

Best for Marketers looking for inspiration.

American author, investor and marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki was one of Apple's early employees, responsible for marketing its Macintosh computer in 1984. In doing so, he popularised the term "evangelist" in marketing when he coined the term "Apple evangelist". Today, Kawasaki, an in-demand speaker who has published over a dozen business books, is chief brand evangelist at Canva, the APAC-originating design software startup valued at more than US$15 billion, which he will be discussing in his keynote. 

Event Startup World Cup Asian Regional Finale
Date May 28
Time 9.35am

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Above  Fion Leung (Photo: Moses Ng / Generation T)

Get equipped for the future of work

Best for Anyone looking to better navigate the new normal.

The two-day Shaperz conference will focus on the digital solutions, training and skill sets needed to adapt to the forces shaping the future of the workplace. Whether you're running an SME or a corporate, the technologies and trends discussed will affect us all. Another reason we'll be watching this event is the number of fantastic honourees from the Gen.T community lined up to speak, including Danny Yeung, co-founder and CEO of Prenetics; Steven Lam, co-founder and CEO of GoGoX; Peggy Choi, founder and CEO of Lynk Global; Sissi Chao, founder and CEO of ReMakeHub; Fion Leung, co-founder and CEO of Time Auction; and Ray Chan, co-founder and CEO of 9Gag. 

Event Shaperz
Date May 24-25
Time 10am-4.45pm

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