Gen.T Head Tamara Lamunière On The Power Of Our Community

By Tamara Lamunière

The past year has been filled with challenges. It's also helped us think more deeply about Gen.T's values and what we offer our community. Here are five pillars that sit at the core of who we are

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Cover  Tamara Lamunière

I don’t think I’m alone in the way the past year has made me reflect on what matters most. Though there have been many wins along the way, I wouldn’t be totally honest if I said that it has all been positive realisations and successful pivots. It’s been a period that has certainly forced me to look really closely at Gen.T’s values and what we offer our community. I came to realise that a few distinct pillars sit at the core of who we are.

The value of connections and relationships

As much as social distancing rules allowed, we created as many touchpoints as we could for our community to gather together, whether it was at our invitation-only roundtables or informally at Gen.T’s weekly Clubhouse meets. There was a hunger for solidarity and social connection that we could and did provide.

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Above  A virtual class photo of the Singapore honourees from the Gen.T List 2020

The value of partnerships

We have increasingly been working with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world, who are keen to collaborate with people on our list. We carefully curate these partnerships to ensure they are synergistic with the values of Gen.T and offer opportunities to accelerate the growth of our honourees.

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Above  Generation T's regional managing director Tamara Lamunière and regional editorial director Lee Williamson co-hosted part of the virtual unveiling event in 2020

The value of inspiration

We strive to inspire our audience through our multimedia content. We write stories about failure as well as success, which is important in cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and, more importantly, in navigating crises.

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The value of diversity

From sustainability to wellness, the range of categories and people we feature creates a rich, textured community of intersecting ideas and personalities. Only at a Gen.T event do you see fintech entrepreneurs and Olympic fencers sitting side by side.

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Above  Gen.T Spirit Appreciation Workshop At Tatler House Hong Kong, 2020

The value of being in the know

From NFTs to the future of work and ESG investing, we cover the most relevant topics affecting young entrepreneurs today, keeping them one step ahead of the game. This comes packaged in popular formats such as our biweekly newsletter The Deep Dive, explainers on Instagram, podcasts, Cloud Talk webinars and virtual conferences.

We have realised from first-hand experience that transitions are not easy. This is driving us to work even harder over the coming year to be an ever more valuable resource for our community, fulfilling our mission of helping young leaders rebuild with resilience, and of shaping Asia’s future.

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