Playlist: 10 Songs Wonderfruit Producer Katrina Razon Uses To Get Energised

By Samantha Topp

Creative director, DJ and investor Katrina Razon puts together a Gen.T Spotify playlist of all the songs that get her into an energised mood

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As a DJ and producer of immersive arts and music festival Wonderfruit, music is an essential part of Katrina Razon's life.

"I love how music brings people together. I have been in the industry for more than a decade and the new discoveries never cease to amaze me," she says. "The Covid-19 crisis has made us all realise how integral live music and events are to our lives. We will crave these authentic experiences more. When the time is right, we will be able to dance together."

Listen to Katrina Razon's Energised Mood playlist here

Don’t Go Lose It Baby, Hugh Masekela

"This is a classic jam to kick-start a good day."

Beach Break, Julietta

"This song from the talented up-and-coming Julietta never ceases to transport any listener to the shores of my favourite islands."

All My Friends, LCD Soundsystem

"One of the most defining songs of the '00s. The build-up is immense. Being in lockdown makes this song ever more meaningful."

Together In Electric Dreams, Phil Oakey And Giorgio Moroder

"The music of the '80s will echo beyond what we can imagine."

Mys (Young Marco Remix), HNNY

"You can always count on Young Marco for feel-good music!"

Where Love Lies, Evans Pyramid

"A true unknown gem that deserves more recognition."

Age Of Consent, New Order

"This song sounds like driving down the highway on a summer's night with the windows down."

Hypnotic Tango, My Mine

"Quintessential Italo disco that will forever stand the test of time."

Dancing With Myself, Billy Idol

"The ultimate pick-me-up. This track always pumps me up whenever I go for a run."

Opal (Four Tet Remix), Bicep

"Kieran (Four Tet) is a friend and an artist whom I truly respect. When he played this at Wonderfruit, my boyfriend Sean and I declared it our song. "

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