Playlist: Listen To These 10 Songs To Reach A Balanced State, According To Yoga Guru Yogananth Andiappan

By Samantha Topp

The founder of yoga studio Anahata Yoga creates a Spotify playlist for Gen.T, featuring 10 songs he listens to for a balanced and tranquil state of mind

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Yoga paired with music can bring you to a calm and balanced state of mind, says Yogananth Andiappan, the founder of Hong Kong yoga studio, Anahata Yoga.

"The movement of yoga postures with the focus on the breath creates certain vibrations in the brain, which brings us to a balanced state," he says. "Certain tunes or music awakes the creativity from within me. I particularly love classical music fused with modern rhythm through remixing. To me, fusion music reflects a certain attitude and reflects my thoughts on life itself. As we evolve, we do not have to turn our backs to the past but can embrace it with an open mind."

"Music inspires me, it opens my mind and takes me to a more creative space to accept the evolution of life itself. Music sets the mood to live in the present moment and to appreciate the past," says Andiappan. "Music is universal and powerful. It has the ability to energise, uplift and bring calmness, just like the practice of yoga."

Here, Andiappan talks us through 10 songs he listens to when he practices yoga.

Listen to Yogananth Andiappan's Yoga playlist here

Shiva Moon, Prem Joshua

"Multi-talented in playing various instruments. His style of music blends Eastern and Western culture, which is a reflection of yoga today."

Say Your Prayers, Anoushka Shankar

"Very oriental. Her sitar playing really shines through. It's one of my favourite instruments and elevates my senses."

Tumi Bhaja Re Mana, Manish Vyas

"The music is very spiritual. It transcends me to another place, in another time from my past."

Habibi, Manish Vyas

"This song inspires me take out my mirudangam [an Indian classical drum] and play."

Om Shiva Hom, Vijay Prakash

"He is a gifted vocalist and his music has a real calming effect."

Poongatrile, AR Rahman

"Poongatrile is one of my favourite Indian composers. His music brings me back to my formative years, and brings me much joy."

Put Your Lights On, Santana

"Santana needs no introduction. Their music is so soulful and energetic—it creates an atmosphere I enjoy from time to time."

Mangalam, Prem Joshua

"This is a distinctive Indian style of music, full of rhythm and beat, which I like to play during my asana practice."

Indian Summer, Anoushka Shankar

"This is a fusion piece using Western and Indian instrumentation. The two instruments—the sitar and the piano—I find inspiring."

The Dance Of The Flames, Buddha Bar Nature

"This piece is very relaxing and transports you to nature."

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