Want To Become A More Mindful Leader? Try These Meditation Apps

By Samantha Topp

We asked Gen.T honourees to share which meditation apps they use to unwind, focus and become more mindful. Here's what they said

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Most people these days spend every spare moment flicking through social media, checking emails or watching Netflix. But this endless cycle of needing to fill up every second can stunt our creativity and ability to produce big ideas.

Relaxing your mind is key to tapping into your subconscious, and meditation can help you do that. Fortunately, with the rise of meditation apps, technology can now be a help as well as a hindrance. We asked four Gen.T honourees which apps they recommend, while another gives us his top tips to get the most out of your time meditating.

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Laurel Chor

Founder, Hong Kong Explorers Initiative

“My favourite meditation app is Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Experience. I love their meditation challenges, each of them centred on a theme and accompanied by a thought lesson on that theme. I find you really grow and learn a lot through each challenge because each mediation builds on the previous one.”

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Above  Photo: Moses Ng

Aaron Lee

Founder, Dash

“The app I use is Headspace. I like it because there are different themes for different situations, ie meditating to control anxiety versus meditating to unwind. Meditating makes me calmer, more composed and more aware of my own emotions and mental state when dealing with challenges.”

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Bradley Dowding-Young

Principal CEO, Silentmode

“Apart from Silentmode, my favourite apps are Insight Timer and Calm. Insight Timer uses the sounds of nature to help you drift off to sleep and Calm uses sleep stories, which have helped improve my sleep; I’ve noticed I wake up feeling more refreshed.”

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Ramona Pascual

Professional MMA fighter

“I use Headspace because of the many different courses they have for any goal, and the tools and techniques they teach, such as noting thoughts versus emotions, which I find very helpful when dealing with daily stresses that could lead to emotional imbalance. There’s also a fair bit of breathing involved, which is extremely beneficial in lowering stress right away and regulating blood pressure. Meditating for 10 minutes each morning clears my mind and helps me focus on the day ahead. It’s also calming when I’m faced with negative emotional states and can help me face issues with a more logical perspective. Don’t expect drastic changes the first time you try it, but consistently, over time, the benefits are immense.”

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Above  Photo: Michaela Giles

Gianni Melwani

Co-founder, Ikigai

“I’m not a believer in using mediation apps, but I do believe in meditation. It’s best to practice before sunrise when the mind is less cluttered with stimuli. Create a conducive environment for meditation first and then practise. For example, don’t put yourself in a situation where you will feel stressed if you have errands to complete, yet you sit for meditation. Complete those errands first, consciously, then when you’re more relaxed and freer, make time for your practice. Be disciplined enough to practise every day. Even a little bit of devoted effort is better than nothing. Prioritise it and make no excuses as to why you shouldn’t practise. It will cultivate willpower.”

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