Gen.T Connect: These 4 Themes Will Guide Our Ambassadors’ Discussions

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From leadership to gender, the next six months of discussions led by our Gen.T Connect ambassadors will focus on four themes

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Gen.T Connect is a new initiative that aims to facilitate meaningful conversations initiated by young leaders across Asia.

Instead of being driven by Gen.T editors, the platform is led by Gen.T Leaders of Tomorrow from across the region who have been invited to take the reins as ambassadors of Gen.T Connect. 

The topics Gen.T Connect ambassadors choose to bring up in their discussion groups could be a familiar issue they hope to raise awareness of or something they’d like to learn a different perspective on from others—be it friends, fellow entrepreneurs or like-minded strangers.    

Over the next six months, Gen.T Connect ambassadors will align their discussions with one or more of the following themes.

Reviving the Human Touch In Leadership

Suggested talking points

  • Is emotional intelligence a trait of a great leader?
  • How can leaders lead with clarity, empathy and kindness—and why do these qualities matter at all?
  • How important is it for a leader to be charismatic?
  • What can leaders do to put people before profits?

Building Resilience

Suggested talking points

  • How is failure an essential part of success?
  • What has leading a business through a pandemic taught us about crisis management?
  • How has a particularly difficult time in your life made you stronger?
  • How can we reskill or upskill ourselves or our team in order to prepare for the future?
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Above  Photo: Sam Lion/Pexels

Creating A Conscious Business

Suggested talking points

  • How do we determine if a brand or business is “conscious” or “sustainable”?
  • How can we identify, avoid and/or call out greenwashing?
  • Can a profit-making business with a social mission really exist?
  • How can businesses balance corporate, social and environmental responsibility with the economic responsibility to its shareholders? 

Beyond The Glass Ceiling

Suggested talking points

  • What systemic changes need to be made for more women to reach the top?
  • How can we avoid tokenising certain genders in an effort to build a workplace that is equal and inclusive?
  • Why is there still a gender gap in the STEM workforce and how can we close it?
  • How does the “glass ceiling” affect the mental health of female employees?
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Above  Vivian Lim
Tatler Asia
Above  Claire Du

Our first ambassadors include Natalie Chan of Hong Kong-based alternative education centre Own Academy, Jill Tang of Ladies Who Tech in Shanghai, Claire Du of TechRock Global and Vivian Lim of Singapore-based community platform Women in Asia.  

The initiative will also be rolled out in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines between the second half of this year and early 2022.

Find out more about Gen.T Connect.

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