This Company Wants To Protect The Environment Through Sustainable Design And Development

By Rubini Kamal

Malaysian property developer Gamuda Land shows how large corporations can put sustainability at the core of their business. With one of its latest townships, Gamuda Gardens, the company is building homes with the environment in mind

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Gamuda Gardens features a careful balance between nature and development to enhance the quality of life for members of its community.
Cover  Gamuda Gardens features a careful balance between nature and development to enhance the quality of life for members of its community.
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With Covid-19 vaccines rolling out worldwide and life gradually regaining stability, climate change is fast overtaking the pandemic as a priority. Globally, companies are increasingly prioritising sustainability as part of their business strategy, mapping out their climate goals for the next two decades.

In Malaysia, property developer Gamuda Land is walking the talk and investing in sustainable development. Under the Gamuda Green Plan 2025 (GGP), the company lays out specific targets for the next five years and beyond that are guided by environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. This includes focusing on sustainable planning and design, and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its townships by 45 percent by the year 2030.

“The GGP challenges us and industry conventions to continuously develop a more sustainable approach to infrastructure and property development,” says Gamuda Land CEO Ngan Chee Meng. “One of the areas we focus on is design and planning because as a property developer, this is where we have delivered the most significant impacts since our inception.” 

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The rehabilitation of Gamuda Gardens has seen the return of biodiversity to the area.
Above  Gamuda Gardens integrates nature into its modern development as a way to enhance the quality of life of its residents

The company has a biodiversity policy in place as well, to govern the kinds of flora that is planted in its parks; it favours species with ecological benefits and long-term growth potential.

At the 810-acre Gamuda Gardens, which was previously a rubber plantation, Gamuda Land has developed a township that is nestled in nature. The property's central feature, Central Park, for instance, boasts 8,000 trees and 65 different plant species—most of which are native to Malaysia. Gamuda Land has plans to rehabilitate all green areas across its communities by introducing plant species that attract birds and insects, that would in turn help encourage pollination among existing trees. 

This reforestation initiative has also created clusters of mini woodland forests that serve as safe habitats for birds. It has even attracted native and rare birds like the Little Grebe and the non-native and critically endangered White-Bellied Heron to the green lungs of the township. 

Modern amenities also cater to the expectations of discerning residents. At the heart of the township, there is Gardens Square, a retail and food and beverage hub featuring 133 two- and three-storey shops for groceries, retail and eating out. The area around Gardens Square is car-free and filled with pedestrian walkways and dedicated scooter and bicycle trails.

Other facilities in the township include the Waterfront Village, which is located next to Central Park and also a short stroll away from the residences. It also features a range of commercial offerings, from restaurants and retail stores to recreational and wellness activities. The Waterfront Village overlooks two waterfalls and five cascading lakes, all of which help to further immerse visitors in nature.

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Gardens Square mindfully designed with dedicated lanes emphasise walkability and bike-ability along al fresco streets and alleys emphasising social engagement.
Above  One of Gamuda Gardens' retail hubs, Gardens Square is a car-free zone with dedicated lanes for pedestrians, scooters and bicycles

Gamuda Land is advancing how it governs sustainability across all of its business operations and works towards combating climate change. It is taking action by decarbonising, maximising natural resources, minimising wastage and advocating sustainability throughout its construction and operations activities.

With all of these initiatives in place, Gamuda Land is delivering impact through innovation and enhancing the liveability of cities for the benefit of their communities.

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Above  Gamuda Gardens
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