This Real Estate Company Is Enhancing The Biodiversity Of The Land It Builds On

By Rubini Kamal

Malaysian property developer Gamuda Land minimises its environmental impact by preserving and adding to the natural ecosystem of the land it builds on. Case in point: the Gamuda Gardens township

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Cover  Central Park, a highlight of one of Gamuda Land's townships, Gamuda Gardens
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Since its inception in 1995, Gamuda Land has been guided by the principle of building in harmony with nature. By "listening to what the land has to tell them", the Malaysian property developer has created townships that seamlessly integrate nature and built environments, resulting in thriving biodiverse ecosystems such as its 810-acre property, Gamuda Gardens.  

Much of Gamuda Land's conservation efforts are undertaken by Gamuda Parks, an initiative the company launched in 2018 to support the Gamuda Green Plan, which outlines the developer's environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals over the next five to 10 years.
"To Gamuda Land, developing a township is more than just laying down bricks and mortar, it is also about mindful planning and comprehensive and sustainable design strategies," says Khariza Abdul Khalid, COO of Gamuda Parks.

"Beyond just places to live in, people want to be part of something bigger, a place where they can be part of a healthy community and enjoy being close to nature."

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Above  Gamuda Gardens maintains a lush green Central Park

Living among nature

Formerly an abandoned rubber plantation, Gamuda Gardens is completely transformed with lush greenery, abundant with flora and fauna. Anchoring the development is its Central Park, which is open to the public, featuring five cascading lakes and two waterfalls that form a wetland housing a vast biodiverse ecosystem.

The green lung also serves as a social and recreational hub for the surrounding community. It forms part of a 68km interconnected walking and cycling walkways around the entire township, placing everything within reach for residents and visitors.

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Above  Gamuda Gardens
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Gamuda Gardens' Central Park features a range of amenities, including a 1.5km forest trail and pet-friendly facilities
Above  Gamuda Gardens' Central Park features a range of amenities, including a 1.5km forest trail and pet-friendly facilities

The park has been designed in a way that minimises its environmental impact through the preservation of the natural and existing contours of the land, from the hills and forests to the rivers and wetlands. Gamuda also planted close to 8,000 trees, 70 percent of which are species native to the area. This includes fruit trees that attract birds and other wildlife.

Thriving wetlands also help to improve irrigation and support plant and animal life within the park. Gamuda Parks also enlarged the existing river by nearly 80 percent and widened existing creeks to enable water to flow to Central Park.

Gamuda Land has stated that it will continue to scale its sustainability efforts by conducting biodiversity audits to measure its progress and build on its achievements for the long term.

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The lake in Gamuda Gardens plays host to fun activities such as donut boat Rides and stand up paddleboarding
Above  The lake in Gamuda Gardens plays host to fun activities such as donut boat Rides and stand up paddleboarding

As a result of careful and consistent initiatives, several native and non-native birds were seen populating the Central Park. Gamuda Land has now identified 27 flora and 41 fauna species with conservation importance. The appearance of the wildlife population is flourishing and increasing by 16 percent with a mix of native and non-native species.

This serves as a prime example of a park that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the township but also preserves the surrounding nature at the same time.

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Above  Permeable pathways acts as a 'sponge', absorbing water and reducing the risk of flooding

Sustainable ideas for climate resilience

Gamuda Land opted for permeable materials in the walkways around Gamuda Gardens, so that it is not only less slippery when wet, requires less maintenance but also reduces surface runoff which prevents soil erosion and enhances flood prevention.

Gamuda Gardens also encourages greener modes of transportation within the development. It has a well-planned cycling and pedestrian network within the township, complemented by readily available e-scooters and e-bikes for residents and visitors, reducing the need to travel by car.

In addition, there will be EV charging stations at the Waterfront Village for the convenience of electric vehicles owners who want to recharge their vehicles while they dine and shop.

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Above  Gamuda aims to promote the wonders of nature to the community and to children between five and 12 years old

Nurturing nature-minded youths

Besides its conservation efforts, Gamuda is also helping to raise environmental awareness among youths in Malaysia. One way it has done so is by establishing the GParks Nature School in Gamuda Gardens, where it carries out its GParks Ranger programme, which encourages children to build a positive connection with nature through experiences.

Read more about Gamuda Land’s sustainability mission.

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