5 Tech Entrepreneurs You Need To Know In China

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Here are five people in the tech space in China who are making waves with their innovations, be it in healthcare, economics or retail

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Cover  Emmy Teo

Last year 336 Chinese tech startups were forced to close, partly as a result of what the Financial Times has dubbed an advancing "capital winter." The failed startups had raised a total of US$2.5 billion, and included several unicorn companies among their ranks.

 "The closures come as tech companies in China face an advancing... funding shortage that began last year as investors grappled with a slowing economy and the end of a venture capital boom," reports the FT.

But not all Chinese startups are feeling the chill of the capital winter. Here are five tech entrepreneurs in China whose innovations are changing the way we live, from how we identify autism in children to improving the lives of elderly people. 

Dong Bo

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Above  Dong Bo

Founder and CEO, Blockshine Technology

Founded 2017

The Company Blockshine Technology is a world-leading one-stop service and solutions provider in the blockchain industry, and a global strategic partner of Blockchain Global.

Did You Know? In 2013, Dong Bo worked to promote cooperation between global youth communities and organisations such as the United Nations, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

What’s Next? Bo told Bloomberg that she believes that the organisations and programmes she has created will bolster the blockchain market, ultimately leading to a new trust-based economy.

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Jason Zhu

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Above  Jason Zhu

Co-founder, SensOmics

The Company A medical platform that integrates genomics with clinical informatics, electrical engineering and artificial intelligence to identify autism-associated mutations. 

Founded 2015

Need To Know Jason Zhu and his team are helping to build proprietary machine learning algorithms that enable research into the pathogenesis of autism and other neurodevelopmental diseases, leading to insight into complex disease genomes useful for clinical diagnosis.

Did You Know? The work of SensOmics has been featured in major publications including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Stanford Medicine News Center and Science Daily..

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Emmy Teo

Tatler Asia
Above  Emmy Teo

Co-founder and CEO, 8XP

Founded 2018

The Company 8XP collects user data via offline touchpoints and product interactions, and combines them with e-commerce statistics to offer integrated, customised solutions for clients. The one-stop service also provides data collection and analysis for specific scenarios, brand needs and stock keeping units. Brands engaging its services include WeWork, Fosun International, W Hotels and Shanghai Fashion Week.

Did You Know? Emmy Teo founded 8XP with her sister, Faith Teo.

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Guo Ting Ting

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Above  Guo Ting Ting

Founder and CEO, GeseDNA

Founded 2015

The Company Guo Ting Ting founded GeseDNA Technology in August 2015, realising that DNA detection wasn't yet advanced enough to support self-discovery and provide users with personal portraits of their genes.

Did You Know? GeseDNA is the only research-based commercial organisation in China that focuses on behavioural genetics.

Quote “People have a misconception that physiology and psychology are separate… but this is an incorrect assumption,” said Zhang Leilei, Gese’s research and development director and a behavioural geneticist. “Just like height and your looks, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, whether you’re competitive or have a stable temperament and communicate well with others, this is all affected by your genes.” 

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Franco Lin

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Above  Franco Lin

Founder and CEO, Honeycomb

Founded 2007

The Company Franco Lin's company Honeycomb develops proprietary education, information, rehabilitation and entertainment products. The mission of the company is to use technology to improve the lives of elderly and disabled people.

Did You Know? Honeycomb’s products are sold in more than 40 countries. The company also educates the public and professionals in the special education system on the benefits of the technology in rehabilitation and education.

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