Italian-Filipino Actor Matteo Guidicelli On His Fitness Regime

By Isabel Martel Francisco

Find out how actor and media personality, Matteo Guidicelli, is able to stay in such great shape!

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At 11 years old, Matteo Guidicelli started as a go-kart driver and he has since driven his way into the entertainment industry spotlight. This Italian-Filipino actor, singer, model, media personality, triathlete, and heartthrob has hosted several shows and appeared in numerous TV series and movies. Despite an extremely busy schedule, Guidicelli manages to stay in excellent shape, joining triathlons whenever he can. He espouses a healthy lifestyle and pushes himself to exercise on a daily basis. Having been introduced to sports and an active lifestyle from an early age, Guidicelli definitely has a leg up on maintaining his physique for his career.

Find out how you too can look fit for the silver screen by taking note of Matteo's tips!


We chatted with our Generation T top 100 member to hear all about his fitness routine:

Philippine Tatler: What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

Matteo Guidicelli: I try to keep a well balanced lifestyle and I make sure I get to do an exercise or an activity everyday. Also keeping a good balanced diet. I’ve been starting to have a more  “plant-based” diet. But I’m not totally strict on myself, I still eat everything that makes me happy! In moderation!

PT: Do you have a go-to or favourite work out? 

I swim, bike and run. Running would be my “go-to" workout (5k to 10k a day).

PT: What is your fitness routine? 

MG: I begin my day with either a swim, bike or run session. It all depends on my schedule for the day. I usually start 6am or sometime earlier because in my opinion and for my life, mornings are the best time to workout. After that, after the whole day, if I still have some extra time I will head over to the gym and do some circuit or weight training. 

PT: Have you always been athletic? If not, what made you get more involved?

MG: Yes, I would say I’ve always been into sports since I was a little kid. However, I only got into Triathlons 5 years ago. My dad introduced me to the sport. Once I tried it I fell in love with that active lifestyle and never looked back! 

PT: How do you motivate yourself to work out? 

MG: I must say there are days where I just want to sleep in and do nothing! But… I realized that, it is really a waste of time, a waste of my day. You should try your best to do as much quality workouts as you can, so that you can keep on improving your fitness level. Challenge yourself! If you wait too long, it will take even more time to whip yourself back into shape! So, everyday, I just get up and DO IT! 

PT: Do you follow a diet regimen? 

MG: I try my best to eat things in moderation. I don’t believe in starving or depriving myself from eating my favorite stuff. However, I try to consciously prioritize adding plant based food into my diet. 

PT: Why is fitness and health important to you? What does being healthy mean to you?

MG: It is LIFE! Its part of my lifestyle. Its not just about staying healthy or looking good. Fitness, sports, exercise helps mold you as a person. It teaches me a lot about myself and makes me realize a lot of things I never though Id be capable of doing.

PT: Do you have any fitness tips?

MG: I would advise people to get a good trainer or coach and trust him or her completely. Make sure you do what they say! Remember to give it time and most importantly, be consistent! 

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