Everything You Need To Know About Actor Angel Locsin

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From her philanthropic work to her secret passion for farming, here's everything you need to know about Filipino actor Angel Locsin

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Actor Angelica Colmenares, better known as Angel Locsin, has been in show business for almost two decades, starting her career as a commercial model before moving into the world of acting. She has starred in some of the biggest shows in Philippine television, including TV series Darna and, most recently, The General's Daughter.

The actor has become a household name in the Philippines for her philanthropic work, in particular for her US$300,000 donation towards scholarships. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Locsin has also played an important role in raising funds for hospitals and equipment for frontline doctors.

From her secret passion for farming to her family heritage, here's everything you need to know about Angel Locsin.

1. She's part of a Muslim royal family

Locsin is part of a Muslim royal family in Marawi City, in the Filipino province of Lanao del Sur. She told ABS-CBN News that all she knew of it was that a princess had adopted her mother. Despite her Christian beliefs, Locsin shared that her family in Marawi City wholeheartedly accepted her.

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2. She is a vocal advocate for women’s rights

Locsin has long used her platform and reach to raise awareness about gender inequality. She has lent her voice to organisations seeking to end violence against women and children and joined a number of community counselling groups. 

She told Tatler Philippines that she was a big admirer of both Gina Lopez and Mother Teresa. “To me, [those] who encourage other people, who use their voice for the voiceless and promote volunteerism… these are [the people] I find the most influential,” she said.

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3. She uses her platform to create change

In 2009, the devastating Typhoon Ketsana spurred Locsin to use her platform to help victims through fundraising and relief efforts. “When all this was happening—seeing people on the news being evacuated, dying, their houses flooded—these were people whose faces we knew. Our friends, co-workers, relatives, even many of us were victims ourselves,” Locsin said to Tatler Philippines. “Of course, as an actress, I have plenty of shoes, clothes, bags that I don’t necessarily need. [During that time], I had a moment to realise how excessive [all] that was. So, together with Anne [Curtis], we began a Shop and Share project. We wanted to help the victims through fund-raising for rehabilitation, relief, or anything else needed at the time. That’s where it really started for me.”

She has since become increasingly passionate about social issues, and is involved in a number of charitable initiatives, including fundraising for the #UniTENTweStandPH campaign, a social media call out in the Philippines during the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign successfully raised funds for 135 hospitals by providing 246 isolation tents and 21 sanitation tents, including various other necessities like air conditioning units and PPE supplies.

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Above  Photo: Tatler Philippines

4. She has a secret passion for farming

Locsin told Tatler Philippines that during the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, she tried quite a few new hobbies. One of which was farming, which she described as something she’d wanted to do for a long time. “I’ve always wanted to put up a farm; I just wasn’t able to focus on it because I was always so busy. I’ve had a piece of land that’s been waiting to be developed. Now, I’m [finally] beginning that project. I want to help the environment, the community and those who need jobs or more food supplies,” she said.

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