This Entrepreneur Is Changing The Way We Think About Healthcare

By Lee Williamson

H2U chairman Saxon Chen wants to empower people to understand their own health and take preventative action, rather than wait until something is wrong

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Saxon Chen is one of 20 recipients of the Gen.T X Credit Suisse Social Impact Awards. The awards recognise Gen.T honourees who have made significant contributions to Asian society in the fields of social impact, sustainability or innovation.

“The mission of both of my companies is to help people live healthier and happier lives,” says Taiwanese entrepreneur Saxon Chen

Chen is at the forefront of the digitisation of healthcare in Asia or, as he puts it, “Making healthcare smarter.”

In his former role, Chen headed the transition towards smart healthcare measurement and health data analysis at Foxconn, the world’s largest provider of electronics manufacturing services. 

Riding high on that success, he led the launch of the H2U Health ATM, a smart physical check-up facility that’s now installed across more than 100 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan. The devices work like an ATM machine, providing on-demand smart health management services and data analysis to patients.

At no charge, users consult an H2U Health ATM to learn their blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and BMI—all while popping into their local convenience store to get a snack. Lives have been saved by people hopping onto the machine before they catch the bus and realising that their blood pressure or BMI needs urgent attention.

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Above  H2U chairman Saxon Chen wants to empower people to understand their own health. (Videography: Jerry Lin. Editing: Rex Wong)

For Chen, the biggest challenge is to change our mindset around healthcare. “In the past, patients were only concerned with their health when they felt ill and needed medical treatment," he says. "But we should be more proactive with our healthcare and pay more attention to preventative medicine.” To do this, Chen says one of H2U’s biggest priorities is to build trust in the brand and help people see the benefit of taking action before a health problem surfaces. 

Chen also founded Asia’s largest biomedical accelerator, H.Spectrum, in 2018. A venture capital network for healthcare startups, it helps existing healthcare providers scale up, and startups to take their first steps towards success.  

As a result, Chen says that nearly 80 percent of people in Taiwan have accessed medical help using one of his company’s platforms. “Making people more conscious of their health through our technology, that is our mission.” 

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