Connect To Change: Educating Youth In The Philippines

By Denise Ng

Gen.T partnered with Mano Amiga Philippines to hold a variety of creative workshops for underprivileged youth. Here's what happened

Tatler Asia

For our Connect To Change event in Philippines, we teamed up with Mano Amiga Philippines, an organisation co-founded by Gen.T honouree Lynn Pinugu. Mano Amiga provides underprivileged youth with education opportunities, serving as a catalyst for community transformation.

Gen.T honourees Richard Heydarian, Sara Black, and Mito Fabie held workshops on journalism, photography, and poetry and music respectively, teaching the students about a variety of career paths available to them in the future. After the classes, Gen.T honouree Abba Napa provided students with lunch from her restaurant, Manam.

Watch the video to see highlights from the event and to hear from our honourees, as well as representatives from both Gen.T and Mano Amiga Philippines. 

Connect To Change is a social initiative from Generation T. We bring the Gen.T community together to create positive impact in each of our markets across Asia, partnering with local charities and activating the skills of our honourees to benefit the charity and help its founders achieve their goals.

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