Clement Chia’s Imaginary Ones NFT Collection Sells Out In 4 Minutes

By Chong Seow Wei

What inspired his NFTs?

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Photo: Imaginary Ones
Cover  Photo: Imaginary Ones

On April 27, just four minutes into the launch of Imaginary Ones, an NFT project co-founded by award-winning creative director and 2021 Gen.T honouree Clement Chia, the collection sold out. 

Imaginary Ones is made up of 8888 unique NFTs featuring cherubic 3D animated characters. Chia built and finalised the first five characters over two weeks during the year-end holidays last year, driven by his goal of spreading happiness and creativity through art.

"The inspiration behind the characters is to remind everyone what it felt like when they were young and they could dream of doing or being anything," he says. "With that perspective, we wanted to re-ignite that spark, embrace creativity and work on the dream we once had."

On the collection's "good vibes only" motto, Chia adds: "There's too much negativity in the world, with people trying to bring each other down and telling others that they are not good enough. The goal of my art has always been to help people see a different perspective of the world through visuals. So Imaginary Ones is the perfect vehicle to bring that vibe out with the colours and characters."

Chia shares that the initial plan was to create only 500 characters, but when the project was announced on Twitter in January, it quickly gained popularity and amassed 14,000 followers within 24 hours. The size of its following has since reached more than 520,000 on Twitter and 59,800 on Instagram.

Prior to this launch, Chia also released 20 other works, which in total collected over 150 ETH (over US$423,000). 

He is also the co-founder and creative force of Offeo, a platform seeking to simplify the process of producing videos, and Offset, a motion graphic agency that specialises in hyper-realistic 3D animation.

Chia and his team have already laid out a roadmap for Imaginary Ones. In the upcoming phases, they will drop Imaginary Vehicles before launching the Imaginary World to build a stronger utility for the project.

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