10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

By Lee Williamson

Don’t know what to get the entrepreneur in your life? Consider one of these 10 Christmas gift ideas, all selected to complement the hectic, demanding lifestyle of a Hong Kong entrepreneur. Whether you’re looking to give the gift of increased productivity or some much-needed R & R, you’re sure to find a gift idea within—and may even support an innovative Hong Kong startup in the process.

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Hatch notebook

The stylish Hatch notebook is designed ‘for makers and entrepreneurs’. The hard-bound, cloth-covered notebook has a three-step system (‘Conceive’, ‘Incubate’ and ‘Hatch’) to help creatives take their ideas from concept to reality—or ‘hatch’ them. If you still do your best thinking with a pen and paper in hand, Hatch is a sleek way to keep your ideas organised.

Available at Ink+Volt

Tatler Asia

Neo Smartpen N2

Alternatively, if you need to digitise your doodling, this smartpen transfers handwritten notes and illustrations onto your smartphone or computer. Thanks to a tiny camera at the nib, the pen can transform your handwriting into type, or digitise and save an entire page as you created it—margin illustrations and all.

Available at Neo Smartpen

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Behmor smart coffee machine

This internet-connected coffee maker is the perfect gift for a time-poor, caffeine-addicted entrepreneur. You can use Behmor’s app to make a cup of coffee remotely—the machine brews the beans to your preferred settings while you stay at your desk—or give your java order verbally to Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa.

Available at Behmor

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Casetify phone case

Given that most entrepreneurs spend more time with their phone than any other device, it follows that its case should be a reflection of the owner’s personality. Hong Kong-based Casetify, founded by Gen.T lister Wesley Ng, is a social design platform that enables users to create customised cases using their Instagram photos. If you’re looking for something a bit less personal, you can also pick from one of the scores of stylish designs.

Available at Casetify

Tatler Asia

Janesville by Amy Goldstein

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Amy Goldstein’s 2017 book won this year’s Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award for its gripping, very human portrait of a small Midwestern town dealing with the decade-long aftershock of the closure of its General Motors assembly plant. Goldstein documents how the community is recovering from the economic and social turmoil, and what wider lessons can be learned to inform the decisions we all face in the new economy. 

Available at Book Depository

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Silentmode power nap mask

This Hong Kong start-up wants to teach entrepreneurs to harness the productivity-boosting power of the power nap. The mask, which blocks out light and contains noise isolating headphones, is designed to reduce stress and increase productivity through its “guided nap-training experiences”, which are controlled via app. Alternatively, you can switch to Spotify and drift off to your favourite music. Silentmode is confident entrepreneurs can sleep their way to wellness—what’s not to like?

Available at Silentmode

Tatler Asia

RIF6 Cube portable projector

Entrepreneurs can make any room their conference room with this handheld portable projector, which transforms any surface into a 120-inch display. The 90-minute battery and ability to connect to laptop, tablet or mobile device means entrepreneurs won’t be caught short if they need to present or pitch on the fly.

Available at RIF6

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If you know an entrepreneur that’s all too familiar with the stress of dashing to an appointment across town on Low Power Mode, this lightweight bracelet might be the ideal gift. You simply unclasp and plug it into your iPhone to charge on the go. The device, which comes in a variety of colours, can recharge your phone up to 50 percent within 40 minutes.

Available at QDesigns

Tatler Asia

ORII smart ring

This voice-activated smart ring from Hong Kong-based start-up Origami Labs connects to your smartphone and uses ‘bone conduction’ technology so wearers can make phone calls—or listen to and dictate text messages—by simply touching their finger to their ear. Essentially, it turns your finger into a smartphone, making it the perfect gift for entrepreneurs who want to be contactable round-the-clock without being chained to their smartphone during much-needed downtime.

Available at Origami Labs 

Tatler Asia

Floatation therapy

You may not be able to buy an entrepreneur what they need most, the gift of time, but you can possibly help them lose all sense of space and time with a session in a sensory deprivation tank. And if the float doesn’t untether their mind and unlock hidden depths of creativity, at the very least it will leave them feeling relaxed and calm.

Available at Float On HK

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