The Gen.T List 2020 In Numbers

By Lee Williamson

Want to know more about the Gen.T List 2020? Here are a few key stats about this year's list

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This year marks the fifth annual Gen.T List, which recognises 400 young leaders who are shaping Asia's future. The list will be released online on October 15. Until then, the identity of the honourees on the list is a closely guarded secret. But we can reveal some details about the make-up of the list as a whole.

Here are some stats on the Gen.T List 2020, and how we put the list together. 


The average age of this year’s honourees. Only people under 40 are eligible for inclusion.

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Above  Amanda Chong, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

71 percent

284 of this year’s honourees, or 71 percent, own their companies; 170 are founders and 109 are co-founders.

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Above  Ryan Cheung, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

70 million

The combined number of Instagram and Weibo followers the 2020 honourees have between them.

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Above  Chicha Amatayakul, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

40 percent

159 of the 400 honourees are women, or 40 percent. Mainland China is the region with the highest proportion of women, at 45 percent.

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Above  Nico Bolzico, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The number of unicorns—a company valued at more than US$1 billion—run by people on the list.

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Above  Peggy Chan, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

US$1.6 billion

The amount of funding companies founded by this year’s honourees attracted between January 2019 and June 2020—the window of time we assess when looking at a candidate’s credentials.

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Above  Virot Chiraphadhanakul, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The number of honourees in this year’s most popular category, Technology. The next most popular are Finance & Venture Capital (33), The Arts (32) and Sustainability (30).

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Above  Iza Calzado, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

10 months

The length of time taken to compile the list. During this period, we conducted extensive market research, spent more than 60 hours on the phone consulting with our panel of industry insiders, and more than 100 hours in vetting meetings across the region.

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Above  Jackson Aw, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The size of the long list from which the final list of honourees is narrowed down.

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Above  Chidchanok Chidchob, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The number of experts on the Tribe, our panel of industry heavyweights who nominate and help vet candidates for the Gen.T List.

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Above  Gabriel Tan, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

18 months

The key criteria for the Gen.T List is achievement in the past 18 months.

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Above  Kelly Chen, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

6 percent

24 honourees, or 6 percent, work for a family-owned company.

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Above  Ankiti Bose, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The number of honourees who have also been previously included on the Gen.T List, meaning 395 of the names on this year's list are new to our community. 

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Above  Sharul Channa, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


This year's list of 400 disruptors under 40 brings the total number of Gen.T honourees in our community up to 2,000. 

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Above  Noel Guevara, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


The Gen.T List includes people from eight countries and territories across Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mainland China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Above  Anny Fan, a 2019 Gen.T honouree


Of the 400 people on the Gen.T List 2020, the largest number, 102, come from Mainland China, with 55 each from Indonesia and Singapore.

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Above  Lawrence Chu, a 2019 Gen.T honouree

38 percent

113 honourees, or 38 percent, are married. Whereas 75 honourees, or 19 percent, have children.

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