4 Hong Kong Instagram Stars To Follow From The Gen.T List 2021

By Generation T

Meet the four Hong Kong honourees with the biggest Instagram followings from the Gen.T List 2021

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Cover  Image Credit: Claudia Chanhoi

In September we unveiled the 30 newest Gen.T honourees from Hong Kong, part of the 300 honourees across Asia that make up the Gen.T List 2021. Those selected are the leaders we believe represent the future, in various categories from healthcare and finance to entertainment and art.

From our Hong Kong Gen.T List 2021, we’ve rounded up the four Gen.T honourees with the biggest Instagram following—ranging from a climate activist to a cosmetic company founder. Read below to meet them all.

Natasha Moor

Founder of eponymous makeup brand Natasha Moor Cosmetics, Natasha Moor (@natashamoor) has racked up a significant Instagram following, with almost 80,000 followers on her personal channel and over 10,000 on her brand’s account. The beauty guru started as a makeup artist, gaining fame for her bridal makeup looks, before starting her own makeup line in 2017, which is now stocked in both Sephora and Macy’s. If you follow her account, expect insider beauty tips and expert makeup advice.

Harmony Ilunga

Fashion model and founder of diverse modelling agency Harmony HK, Anne-Marie “Harmony” Ilunga (@harmony_btd) was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, moving to Hong Kong as a refugee in 2011. It was her experiences facing discrimination as an African model that spurred her to create Harmony HK. The agency has had a significant impact on the modelling industry in Hong Kong, and helped improve the livelihoods of refugees and ethnic minorities in Hong Kong by celebrating diversity.

Natalie Chung

Recent graduate of the University of Oxford and co-founder of social enterprise V’air, Natalie Chung (@chungsumyue) has made it her mission to promote sustainable tourism and climate education. Her startup offers ecotours in Hong Kong as well as environmental education workshops. Prior to that, Chung and her team won the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference Hong Kong Tertiary Schools Challenge.

Claudia Chanhoi

Illustrator and artist Claudia Chanhoi (@brainxeyes) is demystifying the female body through art. Her cartoon-like work is humorous, playful and impactful, inspiring in-depth discussion about female sexuality and helping to break down sex-related taboos. “It feels quite liberating to send a message through my art,” said Chanhoi in a recent interview with Gen.T. “I never really like to be completely explicit; I tend to play subtly with body parts and use different objects to represent ideas.” With over 18,000 followers, her Instagram account is filled with art made up of bums, genitals and breasts—but be sure to read the long, thought-provoking captions that are found alongside each image.

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