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Did you know that Camilla has two children and five grandchildren?

As the world slowly gets used to witnessing King Charles III take over the throne from his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, as the new monarch of the UK, the spotlight is slowly shining on his wife.  

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While the former Duchess of Cornwall will always be associated with the traumatic breakdown of Diana Spencer and Charles’ marriage many years ago, Camilla has also come to be accepted and respected as Charles’ wife. 

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, the royal family is seeing some significant internal changes. Many members of the family saw their titles and positions change including Camilla who is now the wife of the new monarch and who will now be known as his Queen Consort. 

The title was bestowed upon her by the Queen herself, who expressed a desire for Camilla to be given the title when her son eventually becomes king.

As Camilla settles into the role of Queen Consort, here are some things you might not have known about her.

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1. She Grew Up in a Loving Home in Sussex

Camilla Parker Bowles was born in 1947 and grew up in a close-knit and loving family on an estate in Sussex. Her parents were extremely hands-on and frequently read and spent time with their children. 

While she was not royalty, her family was wealthy and Camilla was sent to a finishing school in Switzerland when she was of age. This education formed the bedrock of what would later form much of her life as part of the royal family. 

2. She Has Been Married Once Before

Many people might not remember that Camilla was actually married once before to household cavalry officer Andrew Parker Bowles.

At this point, in the early 1970s, Camilla had already been introduced to a young King Charles III. However, Charles was still in the Navy and would spend months overseas on deployments. 

During this time, Bowles proposed to Camilla and she accepted.

3. She Had Two Children With Her First Husband and King Charles III Was the Godfather to One of Them

While married to Bowles, Camilla had two children, Tom and Laura. At that point, Camilla was still very much involved in Charles’ life and even asked him to be the godfather to her first child, Tom.

4. She Was a Consistent Part of King Charles III’s Life

Camilla and Charles continued to spend time together and were frequently photographed together. This was even after Charles met and proposed to Diana Spencer in 1981. 

Diana’s struggle with Camilla’s relationship with Charles was very obvious and claimed in interviews that she was the third person in the marriage.

Eventually, Charles and Diana got divorced in 1996 while Camilla divorced Bowles earlier in 1995.

5. Camilla and King Charles III Finally Tied the Knot in 2005

At this point, resentment for Camilla was at an all-time high and the public hostility was overwhelming. However, despite that, Camilla chose to stand by Charles and the pair officially began going out as a couple. 

This only grew harder after Diana’s death in 1997. However, Charles was determined to keep Camilla in his life and very intentionally began to bring her back into the public’s eye.

In 2005, the pair were married in a small ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. 

While the debate and displeasure at Camilla have never fully evaporated, she has positioned herself as a key member of the royal family and is present at all important functions.

6. Queen Elizabeth II Made an Important Decision About Camilla in 2022

While Camilla has been in the royal family for a very long time now and has continued to participate and represent the family in many royal engagements, both big and small, Queen Elizabeth made an important change to what would be her future title in 2022. 

In February this year, Queen Elizabeth II said in a message marking the 70th anniversary of her reign that it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla will have the title of Queen Consort when Charles becomes king. 

This essentially ended years of debate as to if Camilla would get the title or if she would be given a lesser title of Princess Consort to appease those still upset at her role in the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage. 

7. She Is Passionate About Multiple Causes

Despite all the scandal that has surrounded Camilla, she has never allowed herself to simply be seen as King Charles III’s wife. Rather, she is passionate about many causes and actively raises awareness about them.

She is firstly passionate about osteoporosis, a condition that severely affected her mother and grandmother. She also shines a spotlight on issues such as domestic abuse, rape and sexual violence in her work.

8. She Has Five Grandchildren

Like King Charles III, Camilla is also a grandparent, with five grandchildren of her own.

Her son, Tom, has two children, Lola and Freddy, while her daughter has three children, Eliza, Gus and Louis. 

Eliza was even a bridesmaid for Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William in 2011 when she was just four years old.


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