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Meet the five unicorn founders on the Gen.T List 2021 that have been putting their names and companies on the map

When you hear unicorn, you'd probably conjure up an image of the mythical creature. But that's not what we're referring to here. In the world of finance and business, a unicorn is a privately held startup that's valued at over US$1 billion—the term was coined by venture capitalist, Aileen Lee to describe how such ventures are statistically rare. And yet, five of them made it and are on the Gen.T List 2021.

Learn more about them and find out how they're breaking new ground and putting their names and company on the map by making learning more accessible, creating extended reality devices to improve quality of life, providing finance at the cutting edge of innovation and more.

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1. Prajit Nanu

Profession: Co-founder and CEO, Nium

Location: Singapore

Prajit Nanu is on a mission to create a world where people's money is free for them to use, whenever, wherever and however they want. That's why he co-founded Nium in 2014, a global B2B payments network that allows cross-border transactions and card issuance. To date, the company has issued over 30 million cards and has processed over US$8 billion in transactions annually. With this impressive feat, Nium has gained various investors including Vertex Growth, Visa Ventures and Rocket Internet.

2. Komsam Lee

Profession: Founder and CEO, Flash Express

Location: Thailand

Even before the delivery industry boomed during the pandemic, Komsan Lee's logistics startup Flash Express has already been making waves since it started in 2007, becoming Thailand's second-largest private delivery company. The delivery giant handles more than a million packages a day. Thanks to its focus on the e-commerce market, the company thrived and saw a sharp increase in demand particularly in 2020. To top it all off, the company became Thailand's first unicorn after it raised US$150 million in Series D+ and E funding just this June.

3. Hou Jianbin

Profession: Founder and CEO, Zuoyebang

Location: China

Hou Jianbin has made learning more accessible in China through his company, Zuoyebang which integrates technology into teaching. Since putting his desire to democratise China's after-school education into action, the company has become the country's most widely used online tutoring service as well as one of the world's largest edtech unicorns. Many of its customers come from lower-tier cities, making its service—offering live-streamed courses and a stable of complementary educational apps—even more useful.

4. Mia Deng

Profession: Partner, Dragonfly Capital

Location: China

Mia Deng is at the forefront of putting crypto asserts on the map through her work as a partner at Dragonfly Capital, one of China's fastest-growing venture capital firms. The company focuses on crypto asset investment and to speed its adoption in the world of finance, Mia divides her time between Shanghai, Beijing and Silicon Valley. On top of this, she's also the co-founder of TR Lab, an NFT art marketplace.

5. Victor Sun

Profession: Founder and CEO, Shadow Creator

Location: China

Victor Sun has made his company, Shadow Creator, one of China's top leaders in extended reality technology. Under his tutelage, it has become the main XR partner of Qualcomm, a US company that pioneered wireless technologies used today including 5G. Victor has been awarded various accolades for his work in creating AR and VR headsets packed with cutting-edge technology that can be used for various sectors including education, health and lifestyle. Some of these awards include the Pudong New Area Outstanding Young Entrepreneur while the company even earned a visit from Chinese premier, Li Keqiang himself.

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