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Expecting the unexpected is a lot less confusing with AIA All-In-One!

It's difficult to comprehend the meaning behind "expect the unexpected". How can one prepare for things once thought unfathomable?

Case in point: the 2020 pandemic. It's fair to say no one saw this coming — and even now, thinking back to December 2019, the threat of lockdowns or virus scares seemed incomprehensible. But by now, it's been close to a year of living with the virus in our midst, and despite the added safety protocol (the more relaxed stance of certain government rulings), the threat remains the same. There are still thousands of cases being confirmed in a day and the approach of the holidays could cause an even bigger spike.

But we can't go through life constantly worrying or dodging worries, now can we? In this new normal, life goes on; which is why we're investing in AIA Philam Life's AIA All-In-One plan.

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These days people are particularly keen to safeguard their family's financial security. And why not? To create a legacy plan is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure the people you love are secure even in the onset of an unforeseen circumstance. AIA Philam Life's AIA All-In-One can help with this.

To make it accessible, the AIA All-In-One plan is easily paid in five or ten-year pay terms. This gives beneficiaries the added advantage of having immediate access to life insurance benefits tax-free, which they are guaranteed to receive in full once the plan becomes active. In the event of accidental death, the insurance benefit is automatically doubled.

The plan also gives beneficiaries access to emergency funds which can help in the event of a medical crisis. This gives you the freedom to focus on recuperation rather than worrying about the expense. Cash benefit terms also ensure you won't need to touch your savings in case of an accident or critical illness (such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke).

Secure your future — and the future of those you love the most — with AIA Philam Life's AIA All-In-One!

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