Cover Jean-David Péquignot, head of OSL Digital Securities and Ryan Miller, OSL’s head of sales (Photo: courtesy of OSL)

OSL provides the missing link for those who crave more protection with cryptocurrency trading

Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrency these days, but it’s worth noting that the platforms and services that people use to invest in digital assets often fail to provide their customers much in the way of protection. For financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals, this can become a barrier to entry due to the lack of security. 

For those who need more reassurance before taking the full step into crypto trading, OSL may be the missing link. A digital asset trading platform, headquartered here in Hong Kong offers OTC brokerage and exchange solutions with insured custody as standard. The company also services banks, hedge funds, family offices along with professional investors offering the trading of digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as security token offerings, with the same protections that the investors are accustomed to with traditional investments.

“We’re SFC-licensed, listed, insured and Big-Four-audited—offering protection and oversight just like any other Type 1 broker,” says Jean-David Péquignot, head of OSL Digital Securities. The SFC licence ensures OSL offers segregated client banking as well as segregated customer crypto wallets which are at a minimum 95 per cent insured. It all adds up to set the gold standard in security for clients.

Adds Ryan Miller, OSL’s head of sales: “OSL is the institutional gateway to digital assets. Our clients, who are from financial institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals, [can] use OSL to convert their USD and Hong Kong dollars into digital assets and vice versa.”
Clients appreciate what the company has done to become fully licensed and regulated, Miller adds. “This oversight reassures clients and allows them to trade with confidence”.
The SFC operates a licensing regime for digital asset brokerage and exchange, with an extremely rigorous vetting procedure. So far, OSL is the only company to obtain a licence from the SFC.

Furthermore, a January 2022 circular from the SFC and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority gave the green light for banks and other institutions to enter the digital asset trading space—but only if they work in partnership with a licensed virtual asset platform.
As Péquignot puts it: “For the first time, it explicitly tells licensed market participants that should they want to offer digital asset trade directly to their clients in Hong Kong, they have to do it through a virtual asset licensed counterparty. For that part of the market, we truly are the one and only option.”
The company already has relationships with a number of leading players in the financial world, including Morgan Stanley—which helped it raise financing—Fidelity, DBS and Standard Chartered; and they continue to explore new collaborations.
“We see a huge amount of inbound enquiries on a day to day basis,” says Miller. “It’s starting to become almost remiss for you not to investigate this space. It’s cemented itself as a legitimate asset class with real-world applications and a lot more oversight and accountability within the ecosystem. There’s a huge amount of opportunity.”

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