Cover There are various ways you can support small businesses in Hong Kong now. (Photo: courtesy of Tim Mossholder via Unsplash)

After months of city-wide protests and now the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong businesses need our help and support now more than ever.

Businesses around the world are feeling the strain of COVID-19. With social distancing and lock down measures the norm, shops and restaurants are struggling to keep afloat. And though measures in our city haven't been quite as extreme as in some locations, Hong Kong has already had to weather to the affects of the months of political turmoil that ravaged throughout 2019. Now, with the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses especially need our support. While we may all be doing our bit to stay safe in these trying times, there are still ways that we can support our favourite spots from near or far.

After all, its the diverse culture, mom-and-pop shops and independently owned and unique businesses that make our city so special. If you want to see your favourites survive the storm, here's how you can support them now:

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Shop local – on and offline

Next time you to need to do some shopping, whether for everyday essentials, a gift or something bigger, try to shop local where possible. We all know how convenient the likes of Amazon Prime and other global chains can be, but our local businesses will value your custom and support much more.

There are countless homegrown small businesses to support in Hong Kong, including these beautylifestyle and athleisure brands. And even if you can't physically visit a store, or if brick and mortar stores are closed, many online sites are still up and running.

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Purchase vouchers to use at a later date

Whether you're able to physically visit your favourite store or business or not, vouchers are a great way to show your support now. By purchasing gift cards, you may be offering independently-owned stores the help and funds they need now to tide them over to better times.

Vouchers and gift cards are a great option to purchase online and keep for yourself or gift to someone special. Not just reserved for shopping, vouchers are also available for a range of salons and beauty parlours.

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Leverage your social media presence

Instagram or it didn't happen. You may not be out and about as much as normal nowadays, but you can still show your support via your online presence. Whether you're shouting out local businesses on your IG stories, or snapping' a picture of your latest takeaway meal, be sure to tag brands in your posts to share with your followers.

Even if you're not purchasing anything new right now, you can still post about favourite past purchases or the items that you are currently lusting after from local brands.

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Keep your memberships going

Although it may seem irritating to continue paying memberships for businesses such as gyms that are currently closed, remember that these companies need your funds now more than ever. Rent prices in Hong Kong are infamously high, and just because their doors are closed, it doesn't mean there aren't still bills to be paid.

If you're considering cancelling, keep in mind that your membership fee may be a support line for small businesses at this time, so keep it going if you are in a position to do so financially. 

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Send gifts to friends near and far

Although both local and international shipping may be affected by COVID-19, sending gifts to friends near and far is still an option. Next time you're shopping online, why not think of a friend who's quarantining alone or send a gift to family members "just because". It'll both help out small businesses and show your loved ones that you're thinking of them.

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Buy some march

Merchandise has come a long way in recent years, with local brands spreading their name and message via new means. Restaurants are offering everything from their own tote bags and t-shirts, to hot sauce and condiments, but keep an eye out for other independently-owned businesses that may have products on offer for you to buy.

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Sign up for online activities and classes

Even though many doors remains closed, businesses across the globe are getting creative in ways to service their communities virtually. Be it online learning classes, virtual workouts or even art gallery and museum tours, by signing up to these activities you can show your support – both financially and otherwise. 

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