Zhen Zhi Huang

Chairman, Li Fu Investment Co., Ltd


Moving in the worlds of photography, sports cars, and hospitality, Zhen Zhi Huang is living proof that success follows passion  

How does one translate one’s passion into an empire? For Zhen-Zhi Huang, it began with his own fixation with photography. So in 1982, he found himself opening Premier Technology Co, which would become the world’s second-largest foundry for digital cameras. But this would not be the only passion he would chase: his love for sports cars would lead to him to Italy to win the agency rights to distribute Ferrari and Maserati. Dismayed that the TaoYuan Hongxi Daxi Pavilion, the only stadium where pro golfer Tiger Woods ever played in Taiwan, was being turned into a cemetery, he purchased it and turned it into the Westin Tashee Resort, the first five-star hotel in Taiwan with a golf course. 


Impacted Industries

Did You Know?

In order to play golf without affecting the time he spent with his wife and young children, Zhen-zhi Huang would wake up at 4am to be back at 9am, in time for his children to wake up.

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